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February 28, 2020 01:28

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#Digisexuality : A #domain vertical built on sex technology for the future

Digisexuality – a guest post by Krista Gable, domain investor and entrepreneur who researches and invests in emerging technologies and domains. Krista identifies and explains the characteristics of new tech as it intersects the human sexual nature, and the ability of the human psyche to desire and seek pleasure through the interaction with non-human forms. […]

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#NanoSleeve .com : From reg fee, to mega sale via #Afternic #domain brokerage

Domain entrepreneur, Krista Gable, spends time daily researching new trends in technology. The Domain Domme founder is immersed into cybernetics, teledildonics, and haptic technologies, along with crypto and blockchain; then she locates the best keywords for each niche, and registers the matching domain names. Krista’s latest public sale involves the domain name, and she […]

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Domain Domme : How Krista Gable tackles #domain investing in a male dominated industry

Krista Renee Gable is a former professional dominatrix, and a domain investor with a portfolio that focuses on technology, teledildonics, sex and cannabis. Krista operates her domain portfolio from Domain Domme – clearly in a male-dominated industry; she is not afraid to try out niche markets that some would find shocking. Krista is a dedicated […]

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