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November 12, 2019 11:10

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Mike Mann : Schilling trumps Schwartz, as do other #domainers!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, made a strange statement today, regarding who is a better domainer – Frank Schilling, or Rick Schwartz. Following a series of tweets staking claim to the “Domain King” title, Mike Mann now shared a number of domain investors, all “dramatically better” domainers than Rick Schwartz: Frank Schilling is also […]

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Kevin Ham and Mike Mann let these prize-winning domain names expire

Domains that won $5,000 in Verisign contest used to be owned by well-known domain name investors. Verisign found some great domains for the final five $5,000 winners in its Internet Official contest. All five were previously registered. Interestingly, a couple well-known domainers used to own two of the domain names: Kevin Ham and Mike Mann. […]

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