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December 16, 2019 05:29

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ICANN turns 20 today (or maybe not)

ICANN is expected to celebrate its 20th anniversary at its Barcelona meeting next month, but by some measures it has already had its birthday. If you ask Wikipedia, it asserts that ICANN was “created” on September 18, 1998, 20 years ago today. But that claim, which has been on Wikipedia since 2003, is unsourced and […]

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The man who almost registered

In the early days of the commercial Internet, domain names were free. One had to ask, in order to get, however, and the process required manual labor, along with the ability to circumvent the bureaucratic process imposed by the domain manager’s operators, including Jon Postel. Up until the summer of 1995 that domain names became […]

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Paul Mockapetris : gTLD domain evidence in the original RFC 882 from 1983

Paul Mockapetris, along with the late Jon Postel, invented the Internet Domain Name System, introducing this document (RFC 882) in 1983: “Domain Names – Concepts and Facilities.” This RFC (request for comments) document, introduced domain style names, their use for ARPA Internet mail and host address support, and the protocols and servers used to implement […]

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Interview from 1995: Who made this man the ‘King’?

The late Jon Postel was an American computer scientist who among his many contributions, administered the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) until his untimely death in 1998. In 1995,  David S. Bennahum, then a contributing writer for WIRED, had an interview with Jon Postel, and the following dialogue ensued: David Bennahum: [Some people say,] “Well, […]

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