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October 23, 2019 00:48

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Good News! We’re Probably Not Living In A Computer Simulation.

Today: Strategy, Computer simulation, Life, AI Nationalism,  Student Loan, Job, Career If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It? TrumpHotels (.org) Purchased by Pranksters to Promote America’s Concentration Camps Today: Donald Trump,  Stoner, Bitcoin, Medical Pot, Opioids, Marijuana Stocks, Customer Good news! We’re probably not

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Directions to Hell; Why Is Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn? Need a New or Better Job?

Selling By Storytelling: A New Approach To PR; How Gaming Is Helping Organizations Accelerate Recruitment; After LinkedIn, Goldman Sees Twitter as Poised for M&A; 7 Trends Changing How Companies Connect With Audiences; 5 Of The Juiciest Rumors About Apple’s WWDC; The Twitter Hack I Used to Help Grow My Startup to 11 Million Users and.. […]

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LIVING THE DREAM; 10 Inspirational Freedom Quotes

PLUS: Pot shops buzz, crime eases as Colorado law marks 6 months; Turn Around: Jobs Being Lost. And Jobs Being Saved! Focus On Health Rather Than Disease; Where Are the Peers? ‘What Is Your Biggest Weakness? Alibaba now runs the fourth-largest money-market fund (Good news for Yahoo shareholders).. and.. The Relationship Between Social Media and Your […]

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The Scariest Person in Business- Alexander from Intrust Domains and YOU?

PLUS: Why It’s a Good Thing More People Are Quitting Their Jobs; Facebook’s Mobile Ad Revenue Is Now 49% of Its Ad Business; Third of millennials watch mostly online video or no broadcast TV; 6 Tips for Finding Prospects on LinkedIn; Age Discrimination In Interviews.. and.. 10 Keys to Building Great Teams Owen Frager The […]

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