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October 18, 2019 23:16

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Jesus is getting ready to save NameJet

Jesus H. Christ has been chosen as the most appropriate entity to save NameJet from current problems, according to a report. Representing a wide range of domainers who are seeking a catharsis for a recent “domain shill bidding scandal,” the Messiah was appointed to oversee the external audit process. “Jesus will be impartial, honest and […]

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The owner of was struck with a UDRP brought forth by the Zions Bank. Citing a trademark for ZIONS and a history going back to the 1800’s, the mighty bank is the Goliath in this case. The Respondent, a Cameroon man and church Deacon who is a self-taught developer, took his domain’s defense in […]

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Positioning Depends On Repetition And Consistency; Convincing People That Microsoft Isn’t Evil

Airbus Ventures to invest part of $150M capital fund in 3D printed car experts Local Motors; Who Are The Best Employees For A Company? Which Is The Best Company For An Employee? A 10-Year Study Reveals What Great Executives Know and Do; Google blocked 780 million ‘bad ads’ in 2015, up 50% from 2014; Do […]

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As Seen on FOX: Jesus Jihad Peace (.com)

Don’t miss the Jesus, Jihad and Peace special – airing on TV beginning this Sunday the 18th and on radio next Thursday the 22nd. Check your local listings at to find additional times and stations near you – you won’t want to miss it. Order Jesus, Jihad and Peace today: 

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Take This Squatter: Tyler Perry Wins ‘What Would Jesus Do’ Trademark Battle

PLUS: Harvard: he Content Marketing Revolution; Eat More Gluten: This Fad Must Die! How a Bitcoin Rival Could Create a Global Supermoney – American Banker; Fresh Content Is Crucial To SEO by Bill hartzer; How the Fourth of July could boost Chinese e-commerce; The No. 1 Career Mistake Capable People Make and Why Athletes Make […]

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Jesus Tattoo: Billboard campaign leads the faithful to Frank’s .com

A billboard campaign, featuring a heavily tattooed man as Jesus is currently raising a lot of eyebrows in Texas. More than 59 billboards in Lubbock, Texas, display the image that some find controversial; the message, however, appears to be an invitation to non-believers. Bearing the words “Out cast” tattooed across his chest, “Jesus” is extending […]

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