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August 24, 2019 17:35

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Ca’ Ching Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger): IBM (.BIZ) Centerpiece of SXSW Strategy and Jimmy Kimmel Cross-Promotion

Yes you heard that right. IBM goes slasher!  IBM.BIZ and not right of the dot or left of the dot or subdomain or hashtag strategies…. but a .BIZ/ (slash) strategy as  1980s as IBM is. Losers! Check out these promos!

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BOOM! Use.Biz Chief Analyst Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag, And Reveals Google’s Master Plan Of Total Dns Domination.

In a series of searing posts contributed daily on Rick’s domain forum that CLOSED long ago… I will give him that when I open this blog every day or log into any Google product Google tries to sell me a suggested domain name through Google.Domains (which now comes up first when folks search for domains making leaders […]

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