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February 20, 2020 05:46

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You Can’t Bribe People To Care; 37 hottest pre-IPO ad tech startups of 2016

Google beats Oracle as U.S. jury declares ‘fair use’ of Java in Android; Inside A Growing Movement Of Coworking Spaces For Atypical Entrepreneurs; 5 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn; Hiring Managers: Stop Insulting the Job Candidates; Mark Cuban: 4 things NOT to do if you want to be a great leader; Great Leaders Stand Out […]

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I write code every single day, some I’m going to start writing about coding on my blog

So it’s about darn time to let all of the geeky coding stuff that I am doing loose on my blog. Right now over 50% of my audience is totally crazy about domains, which is awesome because I am too, but I’m also coding like crazy now and this is so it wouldn’t make any […]

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DomainTools WHOIS: Java version to run on all devices

It’s the end of the year alright, but some domain industry companies are working overtime to present new products and technologies. Among them, DomainTools, the pioneering service and meta-toolschest provider for the active domain investor. “DomainTools will be introducing a suite of new products in 2014, and that’s a requirement really, what with the hundreds […]

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