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January 25, 2020 08:43

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We are Satoshi: Frank Schilling and Uniregistry are big in Japan!

Satoshi Nakamoto is a legend; the Japanese creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the man everyone wants to talk to. And yet, Satoshi is elusive, appearing only when he wishes to relay something to the global Bitcoin community. Frank Schilling recently showed off how big he is in Japan, by sharing a photo of himself, […]

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Who is this NamePros guy?

Beginning in November, a number of quality articles are being posted on the recently syndicated NamePros blog. Previously, content appeared sporadically, but the current articles related to the domain market and community are very consistent in their quality – and of great quality indeed. Who is this NamePros guy that writes them? None other than […]

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Gaijin-san Domainer: Dot .Ninja domains a big hit in Japan

Gaijin-san Domainer is the writing pseudonym of American domain investor, David J. Walker; as an American expatriate in Japan, he can tell good and bad sushi apart. Here is the result of his latest meditation on gTLD domains, and dot .Ninja in particular; it’s a parody post with a much deeper message. Konnichiwa. Today arrives […]

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Hiroshi Yakamoto: Mysterious Japanese American domainer behind the Bitcoin craze!

Until yesterday, nobody had heard of Hiroshi Yakamoto, a Japanese American from San Diego, California. The man who apparently orchestrated a series of high profile Bitcoin exchange crashes, is a low profile, 24 year old student, working on his PhD in Mathematics and Physics. As the great-grandson of a Japanese samurai warrior, Hiroshi Yakamoto is […]

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Domain haiku: wants your poetic gTLD creations!

On Fridays, the good people of don’t just run around like headless chickens, waiting for the clock to show 5:00pm Pacific time. Nope. These guys and gals are actually enjoying what they do, and have fun doing it; no wonder made it to the top 3 domain registrars in terms of phone support […]

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Gaijin-san Domainer: Pay rent this month… or my cell phone bill?

Welcome to another edition of the Gaijin-san Domainer. This is David J. Walker’s second story about life, the Internet and domain names in Japan. If you missed the first part, then by all means click here. -*- Overdue Cell Phone Bill: Arm, Leg or Kidney? – by Gaijin-san Domainer. On Commodore Matthew C. Perry’s second […]

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