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January 22, 2020 11:47

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Nuro .JP : Get 10 Gbps Internet access in Japan for $56 bucks!

Japan is at the forefront of technology, with insanely fast Internet speeds. Nuro Japan, operating from the domain, offers an insane Internet package that’d make most geeks turn green with envy. It’s now possible to get 10Gbps Internet access wired to your home, a speed that puts Google fiber to shame! The cost is […]

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Non-COM sightings : Dot .Clinic is big in Japan

It’s been a while since the last candid report on non-com sightings, the impromptu capturing of domain names that aren’t .COM. New gTLDs are beginning to be seen by the general public as great options to brands, businesses and redirects. This time around, our friend Bruce Marler of Credit.Club fame, sent us a dot .Clinic […]

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We are Satoshi: Frank Schilling and Uniregistry are big in Japan!

Satoshi Nakamoto is a legend; the Japanese creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the man everyone wants to talk to. And yet, Satoshi is elusive, appearing only when he wishes to relay something to the global Bitcoin community. Frank Schilling recently showed off how big he is in Japan, by sharing a photo of himself, […]

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.health backer has cop-like takedown powers for all gTLDs in Japan

LegitScript, a US company focused on eradicating illegal online pharmacies, which backs the .pharmacy and .health gTLDs, has been given police-like powers to have domain names taken down in Japan. It has also emerged that when IP Mirror, a brand protection registrar, was hit with an embarrassing ICANN contract-breach notice in November, it was as […]

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$28,000 a Night: Hotels Race to Attract Superrich Domainers: Feds Bust Google Glass Movie Pirate

Old is the theme today. No laughs. Respect! Japan’s Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn; 6 Reasons You Should Consider a Candidate over 50 for Your SMB; Weather forecast: more surprises coming, Flying car spreads its wings in Slovakia and.. Verizon’s purchase of Intel’s OnCue foreshadows a day when a TV subscriber will be able to […]

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