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January 18, 2020 03:04

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Oingo sale : Play games or make millions? The choice is yours

Playing games can be a form of distraction from day to day duties and obligations. And it’s all cool. A game of “Defender,” however, cost its player millions of dollars, after he turned down a business offer, in 2000. Entrepreneur and author, James Altucher, explains how that happened: I was running a $125 million dollar […]

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IT Wasn’t Created to be used to Reduce the Cost of IT; The Future of Work

Pets on Pot: The Newest Customer Base for Medical Marijuana; Pew: younger people actually prefer reading the news to watching it; Altucher: I stopped sleeping for fifteen years the first day I left my full-time job to go to my own business; Would You Buy Yahoo For $4.8 Billion? How ‘Bout $3.8 Billion?Apple Enters the […]

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Make a Million Dollars Starting Your Own Business; Snapchat Grows Past Twitter– Secretly Acquires Seene

New Mobile Interface For Google’s “People Also Search For”; Amazon expands fulfillment options, sues over fake reviews and rolls out a Mark Cuban store; Top 20 Corporate Weasel Words; Get a First Look Inside Etsy’s Magnificent, Ultra-Green Brooklyn Office; TiVo Bolt gains out-of-home streaming and in-home premium download services; The Importance Of Aligning Your Company’s […]

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Link Spam Plagues Domain Auctions; "The last thing we need is to see ‘Bernard Madoff’ on the front page of the Wall St. Journal”

Stuck on creating your brand effectively? Alphabet’s venture capital arm invests in payday lenders banned by Google ads; The top 10 most difficult tech jobs for companies to fill and How To Show A Hiring Manager You’re In High Demand; Xiaomi will soon launch its very own drone; Wine CLUB: 2 MIT grads create a […]

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.CO: How To Turn An Unknown Domain Extension Into a Household Name? Marketing With A Capital "M"

Page and Brin Made About $8 Billion Yesterday; Meet Shark Tank’s Newest Sharks; Is Donald Trump Pulling A Nigerian 419 Scam? (What a GREAT post, James Altucher– “Does it work? Of course it does. 419-ers made $13 billion last year. And every year.” id you know that. I didn’t. Both prove, and same applies to […]

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