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January 29, 2020 10:34

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Nazis rejoice! A TLD for you could be coming soon

The domain name system could soon get its first new standard country-code domain for eight years. This weekend, ICANN’s board of directors is set to vote on whether to allow the delegation of a ccTLD for the relatively new nation of South Sudan. The string would be .ss. It would be the first Latin-script ccTLD […]

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Canuck ingenuity : Canadian domainers open up domain space beyond .CA

We love Canadians. Some of the top domain investors are Canucks; the land up north offers ample resources in oil, fish, hockey pucks, beavers, beer and of course domain names that end in .CA. With the domain name space expanding, there is no provision for Canadaphiles to register domain names in dot .CA, a ccTLD […]

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“Yes” vote would be good for .scot

The prospect of a healthy .scot gTLD would be improved if this week’s Scottish independence referendum produces a majority “Yes” vote. People living in Scotland this Thursday get the opportunity to vote to split the country from the United Kingdom after over 300 years together. While the No campaign seems to have been winning most […]

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