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May 23, 2019 02:54

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puntCAT head of IT charged with “sedition”

Catalan gTLD registry puntCAT has confirmed that its head of IT, Pep Masoliver, has been arrested as part of a Spanish government crackdown on pushes for independence. He’s been charged with “sedition” and is still in police custody this evening, a company spokesperson told DI. His arrest coincided with the military police raid of puntCAT’s […]

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Spanish cops raid .cat registry offices in referendum censorship row

Spanish police this morning raided the offices of .cat gTLD registry Fundació puntCAT, just days after demanding the company shut down any domains referring to a forthcoming referendum. There are reports, unconfirmed by puntCAT at this time, that head of IT Pep Masoliver has been arrested in connection with the incident. On Twitter, puntCAT said […]

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