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February 22, 2020 20:15

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When you sell a domain name outbound vs. inbound, do you end up leaving money on the table?

I was talking with another domain investor last week about the potential price difference you’ll see on average when you sell a domain outbound vs. inbound. There is a real difference between an inbound and an outbound sale, and it really comes down to leverage. When someone comes to you and wants to buy your […]

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Selling domains outbound might provide better cashflow, but it likely means selling at lower prices

For some reason, a lot of the conversations I had at NamesCon are popping into my head this week. Maybe it just takes a few weeks after a conference for your brain to fully digest and process everything, or maybe I’m just weird…probably the latter but aren’t we all. Okay, now onto the topic at […]

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Using HubSpot to identify potential domain buyers

I recently discovered a feature in HubSpot which many of you might already know, but it’s new to me so I’m assuming it will be new to some of my readers as well. First I’ll back-up and tell you what HubSpot is for those that are completely new to it. HubSpot is a suite of tools to […]

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