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January 22, 2020 10:48

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Sad day for #IKEA .com as founder Ingvar Kamprad passed away

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, passed away at the age of 91, after a short illness. He was born in 1926 in Småland in southern Sweden. At the early age of 17 he founded IKEA, a business that would became his lifelong commitment. Ingvar’s driving force was the vision of creating a better everyday life […]

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#IKEA impostor #domain lost in #UDRP at the #WIPO

When scammers use punycode to register impostor domains of famous brands, the UDRP outcome is an expected win for the Complainant. Inter Ikea Systems B.V. of Delft, Netherlands, filed a UDRP against the registrant of ıĸ, a domain containing non-ASCII characters. The actual domain is and was registered last October. Apparently, it was set […]

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Apple’s Rumored New Product Could Be Bigger Than the iPhone

Seed funding wilts as Silicon Valley investors fret about valuations and IPO market; China’s largest ‘smart warehouse’ is manned by 60 robots; Obama Alums Pour $1.5 Million Into Progressive Tech Startups; Watch a Pod Race Through the Hyperloop for the First Time Ever; IKEA launches $86,500 flat-pack home — but don’t worry, they’ll build it […]

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Weekend Musings

Hello, Happy Sunday and welcome to my weekend musings! Its been a while since I’ve written a weekend musing but every single week without fail a few readers email me and say, “hey, why no weekend musings!” so I’ve decided to start them back up again. I’m also going to be writing a new article […]

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Move Move Ice Bucket! Porn Stars Host Boob-Squeeze-a-Thon! How often do shoppers use retail apps?

PLUS: 7 Ways to Write Better Headlines; Hotels Are Making Record Profits From Extra Fees; Three Easy Ways Ways To Bring in More Traffic; New PPC Options? Amazon’s new ad network has a secret weapon against Google AdWords; Airbnb – Rent a Bed in Ikea Showroom; The Associated Press Now Automates Earnings Stories, No Humans […]

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