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December 14, 2018 17:28

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#TokenFest 2018 begins : Google pulls the rug from under all #crypto advertising

Token Fest, the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology conference by domain investor and entrepreneur, Ryan Colby, is opening its gates tomorrow in San Francisco. For two days, more than 1,700 people, 150 speakers, 135 exhibitors and 65 sponsors will share news and information on the exciting new amalgam of ledger technology and digital currency. Another event […]

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The Best Way to Learn: Here Are 200+ Resources for Crypto Investors and ICO Developers

6 Ways to Identify a Bad Business Partner; How to Find Your True Calling; Facebook Launches Gaming Creator Program Aimed At Twitch, YouTube; How To Sell. Secrets of Super Easy Selling; A Parable about Implementing Change in a Learning Organization; ONCE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING YOU CAN REALLY FLY; 5 Tips for Creating Quality […]

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From to after defaulting on Escrow payments

The highly publicized sale of the domain,, was a lease-to-own transaction, that ended with the defaulting of the buyer on payments., a domain registered in 1994 by its current owner, MonkeyMedia, is back in the possession of its original registrant; a company called Monkey Capital failed to make monthly installments via, being […]

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Basecoin : Get ready to Finnish that domain!

Better Finnish last, than not at all, as the saying goes. The domain owner of registered it in 2012, during the dawn of Bitcoin and before any other cryptocurrencies became the topic of daily discussion. Five years later, it’s going to be big. As many other early adopters of crypto, the owner of […]

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Frank Schilling’s laptop photo leaked sensitive info about Topcoin ICO

Frank Schilling attended Web Hosting Days – USA – in Las Vegas last week, and naturally, posed for a photo op with other participants. The Uniregistry founder smiled at the camera multiple times, and in one instance shared the stage with domain industry professionals, Aaron Pace and Raymond King. In that photo, Frank’s laptop is […]

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What’s an ICO? Let me break it down in under a minute

I was on the phone with my Dad the other day, he’s getting into cryptocurrency, which right now means that he’s watching the price of Bitcoin go up and thinking…there might be something to this cryptocurrency thing. The other day he asked me what I thought of Ethereum which I thought was pretty awesome and […]

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