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July 17, 2019 11:01

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"Marijuana Seder"; Hedge Fund Goes Nuclear On Yahoo; Citrix Rolls Out "Secure Browser"

Viewability, Fraud, Ad Blocking and Transparency Dominate 4A’s; Apple’s first original TV show will be about app developers; iOS 9.3 Encryption: Apple Inc. iCloud Backups May Be Protected By iPhone Passcode In … Luxury smartwatches from Switzerland; Major Publishers Back U.S. Launch of Micropayments Platform and Why You Should Care If Apple Pay Comes to […]

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Why Naming Tech Brands Is Like ‘Class Warfare’; How SEO is Changing

Stealing Nude Pics From iCloud Requires Zero Hacking Skills; Dealing With Fraud In The Bitcoin World; Smart Parka Kickstarter + $1M Over Ask; Why Mothers Make the Best Leaders; We got 10 CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question for new hires; Instagram Hits 11-Month Low: Growth Down 93%; Engagement Down 70%; Samsung […]

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Google Is A Lying Liar That Lies; Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hacks

PLUS: Instagram’s New Spambots Pretend To Be You; New Roku and TiVo Devices Make Cutting the Cable Cord Plausible; Google’s Latest Campaign Stakes Company’s Future on Mobile; Apple’s Tim Cook faces make-or-break week; AAPL to $135! Bose now lets you design headphones using a ‘nearly limitless’ color choices and Apple beefs up iCloud security Instagram’s […]

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