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September 23, 2019 00:36

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Domain pioneers : North Korea prepares to launch its first gTLD

North Korea might be effectively a “black hole” on the Internet map, but domain technology among the communist elite is a source of national pride. Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, aspires to build a nation of technocrats starting at kindergarten age. Following its casual military rhetoric, North Korea is now preparing […]

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Domainer Comics : ICANN56 in Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to another edition of Domainer Comics, the open-ended, fun coverage of current domain industry events. If you missed prior installments of the DomainGang comic series, you can catch up here. Today’s DomainGang comic about domains, covers ICANN56 in Helsinki, Finland. We received some leaked pictures from the event. Enjoy! 😀 Copyright DomainGang

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ICANN 56 on Brexit : Multi-steakeholder model must go on

ICANN technocrats moved in fast on Monday, to prevent any further manifestation of a domino effect caused by Brexit, from Helsinki, Finland where ICANN56 takes place. The TLD and gTLD global managers announced their commitment to the multi-steakeholder model, regardless of Britain’s decision to depart from the organization. “We remain committed to the global provisions […]

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ICANN56 : Get ready for Helsinki, Finland in June

The ICANN55 conference has completed in Marrakesh, Morocco; this was the last ICANN conference during the tenure of outgoing president and CEO, Fadi Chehadé, who’s moving on with his own company. With African nations currently free from the evil stigma of the Ebola virus, the next ICANN conference – ICANN56 – takes place in the […]

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