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December 17, 2018 14:10

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Uniregistry working on bulk trademark blocking service

Uniregistry is planning to launch a bulk trademark block service, along the same lines as Donuts’ Domain Protected Marks List. But it’s going to be roughly 50% more expensive than DPML, on a per-TLD basis. The company has applied to ICANN to run what it calls “Uni EP” across its whole portfolio of 26 gTLDs. […]

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ICANN urged to reject .com price increases

The Internet Commerce Association has asked ICANN to refuse to allow Verisign to raise its wholesale prices for .com domain names. The domainer trade group wrote to ICANN last week to point out that just because the Trump administration has dropped the US government objection to controlled price increases, that doesn’t necessarily mean ICANN has […]

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ICANN probing Donuts and Tucows over anti-Jewish web site

ICANN is investigating Tucows and Donuts over a web site that hosts antisemitic, white supremacist content. CEO Goran Marby said in a letter published this week that he has referred a complaint about the web site to ICANN’s Compliance department. The web site in question says it is dedicated to documenting “anti-White traitors, agitators […]

Read more Two more gTLDs have been acquired

Two more new gTLDs have changed hands, DI has learned. has picked up former dot-brand .monster from recruitment web site, while newbie registry Intercap Holdings has acquired .dealer from Both ICANN contracts were reassigned last month. Neither acquiring company has announced their purchases or published their launch plans yet. That said, XYZ […]

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First non-brand gTLD to go dark

The number of new gTLDs to voluntarily terminate their ICANN contracts has hit 45, with the first non-brand calling it quits. It’s a geo-gTLD, .doha, which was meant to represent the Qatari capital of Doha. There were no registered domains. Despite being delegated in March 2015, it never launched. The registry was the country’s Communications […]

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Two controversial new gTLDs launching in January

Five years after the first batch of new gTLDs hit the market, registries continue to drip-feed them into the internet. At least two more are due to launch on January 16 — .dev and .inc. .dev is the latest of Google’s portfolio to be released, aimed at the software developer market. It proved controversial briefly […]

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ICANN will use $36 million of new TLD auction proceeds to cover shortfall

ICANN will use a combination of auction proceeds and operational savings to replenish reserve fund. ICANN’s board has decided to fill its coffers with $36 million from new TLD auction proceeds. ICANN’s organizational growth and the IANA transition has caused a budget shortfall, and ICANN plans to make it up by cutting costs and raiding […]

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Will ICANN take a bigger slice of the .com pie, or will .domainers get URS?

Will ICANN try to get its paws on some of Verisign’s .com windfall? Or might domainers get a second slap in the face by seeing URS imposed in .com? With Verisign set to receive hundreds of millions of extra dollars due to the imminent lifting of .com price caps, it’s been suggested that ICANN may […]

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Trump gives Verisign almost $1 billion in free money

The Trump administration may have just handed Verisign close to $1 billion in free money. That’s according to the back of the envelope I’m looking at right now, following the announcement that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration is reinstating Verisign’s right to increase .com registry fees. As you may have read elsewhere already (I […]

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Kirikos lawyers up after ICANN etiquette fight

Domain investor George Kirikos has hired lawyers to send nastygrams to ICANN after a fight over the rules of etiquette on a working group mailing list. Kirikos claims there’s a “campaign of intimidation” against him by fellow volunteers who do not agree with his opinions and forthright tone, but that he “has not done anything […]

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