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December 10, 2019 19:13

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Attendance dips for ICANN in Johannesburg

The number of people showing up for ICANN’s latest meeting was down compared to previous meetings, just-released statistics show. The organization reported today that there were 1,353 attendees at the ICANN 59 meeting in Johannesburg last month, down from 1,436 at the comparable Helsinki meeting a year ago. It was also down from the 2,089 […]

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ICANN heading to Japan and Canada in 2019

ICANN has named two of the host cities for its 2019 public meetings. The community will descend upon Kobe, Japan in March 2019 for the first meeting of the year and will head to Montreal, Canada, for the annual general meeting in November. Both locations were approved by the ICANN board of directors at a […]

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Time to show ICANN who’s boss!

You are in charge of ICANN. That statement may sound trite — it is trite — but it’s always been true to some extent. Even if their individual voices are often lost, members of the ICANN community have always had the ability to influence policy, whether through sporadic responses to public comment periods or long […]

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