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February 17, 2020 15:04

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ICANN attendance shrank in Denmark

Attendance at ICANN’s recent meeting in Copenhagen was down about 8% on the comparable meeting a year earlier in Marrakech, according to ICANN statistics. There were 2,089 at the Denmark meeting, down from 2,273 reported a year ago in Morocco. The decline appears to be largely a result of relatively lower local participation. Africa is […]

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Government anger over two-letter domains

ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee has clashed with its board of directors over the lack of protections for two-letter domain names that match country codes. The board has now formally been urged to reconsider its policy to allow registries to sell these names, after angry comments and threats from some GAC members. Governments from Brazil, Iran, […]

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In rare public session, ICANN approves sexual harassment policy

ICANN’s board of directors this afternoon approved an anti-harassment policy designed to protect community members from unwanted attention. It’s the policy inspired by the now infamous Cheesesandwichgate incident at the Marrakech meeting a year ago. But general counsel John Jeffrey noted that there have been multiple similar complaints to the Ombudsman over the last year […]

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Schneider quits as chair of GAC

ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee is looking for a new chair. Incumbent Thomas Schneider intends to leave the role before his current two-year term expires, he told GAC members assembled here at the ICANN 58 public meeting in Copenhagen this afternoon. Schneider said that his boss at the Swiss government agency at which he works recently […]

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Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ draws fire, creates confusion in ICANN community

At least two senior-level ICANN community members, including a new member of its board of directors, have been affected by US President Donald Trump’s controversial travel restrictions, imposed this weekend on the citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations. The so-called “Muslim ban” has also attracted criticism from other members of the community. Kaveh Ranjbar, Amsterdam-based chief […]

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