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February 19, 2020 15:45

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How many elephants did ICANN send to Helsinki?

ICANN ships a quite staggering amount of equipment to its thrice-yearly public meetings, equivalent to more than 12 mid-sized cars at the recent Helsinki meeting. That’s one of the interesting data points in ICANN’s just published “Technical Report” — a 49-page data dump — for ICANN 56. It’s the second meeting in a row the […]

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Helsinki tipped as next ICANN venue

ICANN is expected to be heading to Helsinki, Finland, for its next meeting. Director Chris Disspain dropped the name of the host city during a session at the ICANN 55 meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, today. Apparently it’s common knowledge among attendees that the Finnish capital is being lined up as a replacement for the original […]

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ICANN going to Panama for 56th meeting

Panama has been selected as the venue for ICANN’s 56th public meeting. The ICANN board of directors approved the location a few days ago. The meeting will be held in June next year in Panama City. ICANN 56 falls between the March meeting in Marrakech, Morocco and October’s meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The […]

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Puerto Rico to host ICANN meeting next year

ICANN is to host its first second ever public meeting on a Caribbean island. The organization’s board of directors yesterday voted in favor of holding ICANN 57 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Technically, this fulfills ICANN’s commitment to hold the meeting in North America, even though physically Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean. The island […]

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