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July 23, 2019 12:02

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ICANN overturns new gTLD objection decision!

ICANN has overturned a Community Objection decision, allowing a .med new gTLD applicant back into the game, after a Request for Reconsideration from the applicant. It’s the first time ICANN has overruled an objection panel during the new gTLD program and the first time in over a decade any RfR of substance has been accepted […]

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Euro govs livid as ICANN takes .wine off ice

The new gTLD applications for .wine and .vin are now live again, raising the ire of European governments. ICANN chair Steve Crocker has written to the European Commission, along with the governments of France, Spain and the US that the three applications are once again being processed. That’s after a 60-day temporary freeze, ostensibly in […]

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Over 2,200 registered for 50th ICANN meeting in London next week

Over 2,200 people have registered for next week’s ICANN meeting. Next week’s ICANN meeting in London is sure to be big. And not just because it’s the big 5-0. The 50th ICANN meeting, which officially kicks off on Sunday, June 22, already has 2,200 registered attendees. I’m one of those 2,200. I haven’t been to […]

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London meeting already ICANN’s second-biggest

Over 2,200 people have already registered for ICANN 50, which kicks off this coming weekend in London. According to ICANN, that puts the upcoming meeting second only to last year’s one in Beijing, which had 3,141 pre-registrations and 2,532 eventual attendees. London’s a pretty convenient “hub” city to fly to, but I suspect a lot […]

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Fadi Chehadé: Workers of the Internet World, unite!

Fadi Chehadé, President and CEO of ICANN, gave a monumental speech today, International Workers’ Day, over the Internet. Grabbing the Twitter phone and pasting his speech in 140 character segments was never easier; the energetic ICANN president is well capable of performing more complex tasks, such as defining the multi-stakeholder model to his worldwide audience, […]

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