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January 27, 2020 05:27

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Top 3 Skills Employers Seek In 2017; Why HTTPS? Well That’s a Stupid Question.

Spectacles (.com) earns its place in marketing history; How old people have screwed over the younger generation – in three charts; Wikipedia Handles Fake News With Humans, Not Algorithms; Germany is thinking about fining Facebook over ‘fake news’ posts (FB); The Creativity 50 2016: The Most Creative People of the Year; Japan’s SoftBank Invests $1 […]

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Meet "VIV"– The Son of Siri; Get Customers to Read Emails

Bentley Bentayga app for Apple Watch lets owners control their car; What to Know About Doing Business in Iran; US Senate website says use HTTP instead of HTTPS; Google exec: Android One is part of broader hardware strategy; I tried Fitbit for a month, and taking it off was the best decision I’ve made; Like […]

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Marxist At Center of $100 Billion Virtual Reality Market; Google Announces HTTPS Indexing By Default

RIP to the ultimate “radio test” fail-Rdio, Mailbox and other domain-branded tech we lost in 2015; First Vinyl now The Unexpected Comeback of Actual Books; The most important strategies to make your next event a success; “The Man in the High Castle” Just Became Amazon’s Most Streamed Show; Big untapped market—Netsertive Connects Local Retailers And […]

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Facebook’s Ad Network Challenge To Google Coming "Next Week"

UPS is making a bigger investment in 3D printing; Social Media Has Become Indispensable for CEOs; Don’t Try to Sell a Celebrity Their Domain Name on Twitter; The Creepiest New Corner Of Instagram: Role-Playing With Stolen Baby Photos; How will Google’s new HTTPS and SSL rules affect WordPress websitesand.. This interview of LinkedIn CEO @jeffweiner […]

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Naming Your Idea; GoPro Doggy Cam! 3D Changes The World

PLUS: Moving To HTTPS Can Backfire; Expert roundup: What’s the future for the new gTLDs? What Can a Robot Bellhop Do That a Human Can’t? A LinkedIn Executive Shares The CEO Social Secrets; The Rarely Discussed Trait That Made Steve Jobs So Successful;Why I Deleted Your Survey; A Watch That Teaches The Value Of Time […]

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Use HTTPS? Google will give you a bump in search rankings.

Search ranking change should be good news for domain name registrars. Google announced this morning that it’s starting to give extra credit in search results to companies offering websites secured by SSL. That means sites where you see httpS:// might show up higher in search results than those without added encryption. Google explains the added […]

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