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July 17, 2019 10:20

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What’s a domain worth- after Priceline spends a billion to teach folks hotel = Trivago, IAC spends $70 Million to say Trip Advisor = Better Trivago. Ironically both turned down early on! and.. Why the Record Number of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking UDRP Filings plus… How Citi Bike Started A Transportation–And Advertising–Revolution; Why people are […]

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The Feds Are Prepping Strict Rules to Protect Your Online Privacy; Marijuana Could Hit $44 Billion by 2020

A group of Chinese investors is trying to buy two major hotel chains at the same time; My Smartphone Gave Me a Painful Neurological Condition; To Defray Legal Costs in Defamation Suits, Bill Cosby Turns to His Insurance; Amazon wants to patent a system to verify purchases with selfies; The Epic Story of Dropbox’s Exodus […]

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3D Printer May Save Your Life; Dot-Com Bust Victim Shares Advice For Startups Caught In Today’s ‘Bubble’

New APP: “When character becomes currency, humanity suffers“; The world of tomorrow exists in Japan today–at a hotel run by robots; 5 Simple Ways to Change Someone’s Mind; “Global warming is now in overdrive”: We just hit a terrible climate milestone; Facebook has pulled a big ad-tech project because there were too many bots; Salesforce […]

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Behind Every Entrepreneur is a Powerful Mentor; Three Trends for the Next 50 Years

My connection with Street Art of the 80s and Domain Names of today.; Evictions are now alarmingly common in the U.S., and that’s leading to devastating consequences; Uber Is Hemorrhaging Money Abroad in Quest for World Domination; Why Your Hotel Room Might Come Without a Closet or a Desk; Marissa Mayer is secretly trying to […]

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English beats Portuguese in $2.2m .hotels auction has won the right to operate .hotels after an auction concluded a protracted fight over the gTLD. In an ICANN-run auction yesterday, prevailed with a winning bid of $2.2 million. Its sole competitors was Travel Reservations (formerly Despegar Online), which had applied for the Portuguese word .hoteis. In 2012, a String Similarity Review […]

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Booking.yeah! Hotel booking company has won exclusive rights to run the .hotels top level domain name for $2.2 million. The company was the only applicant for the .hotels domain name. However, .hotels and .hoteis were one of two sets of domains to be considered “too similar” in ICANN’s first pass of string similarity. (Other […]

Read more uses .africa precedent to challenge .hotels ruling has become the first new gTLD applicant to publicly cite the recent .africa Independent Review Process ruling in an attempt to overturn an adverse ICANN decision. The challenge relates to the decision by ICANN, under the rules of the new gTLD program, to place applications for .hotels and .hoteis into a contention set due […]

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ICANN wins .hotels/.hoteis confusion appeal but has to pay up anyway

The proposed new gTLDs .hotels and .hoteis are too confusingly similar to coexist on the internet. That’s the result of an Independent Review Process decision this week, which denied .hotels applicant’s demand to have ICANN’s string confusion decision overturned. But the IRP panel, while handing ICANN a decisive victory, characterized the string confusion and […]

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gTLD Fail: VMA’s Prove Millennials Reject Dot Com, But Embrace Hashtags (An engrained behavior harder to break than smoking)

At there VMAs and elsewhere it’s all about the hashtags. Yes the visionaries were right to predict that a new generation would eschew tired old dot com but unless the g’s can create a major marketing surge to break the stronghold on hashtags as advertising’s call-to-action, the g’s may very well be dead on arrival.  […]

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Does the Car You Drive Impact Your Career? "The Family that Walks on All Fours"

PLUS: What Is a Bitcoin, Really?; The Digital Ennui of Millennials; Artist Leaves Cute Motivational Sticky Notes On The Train; Hotels are making a killing right now; Uber Is A Sign Of Epic Technology Battles To Come; eBay’s U.S. sales grow 12% in Q2;  Dell becomes the biggest e-retailer to accept Bitcoin Owen Frager via Jason Pinto […]

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