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November 20, 2019 12:25

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“We made $40 per acre off wheat, but I saw Canadian farmers pulling in $300 per acre from hemp, and it blew me away,”

Did Brexit win because of Branding? Intel Tells Stories That Go Beyond Chips; Sometimes Even A Breakthrough Discovery Is Not Enough, You Also Need The Strength To See It Through; Job searching: While the actual day-to-day differences in responsibilities could be small, these keyword variations may translate into a significant salary increase; It can cost […]

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Converted domainer: I think it’s the end of the .com as we know it

Charlie Jackson is your average Joe domainer; the Colorado father of two operates a local medical hemp farm, while delving in domains in his spare time. “When I started domaining so many years ago in 2007, the dot com was king and nothing else mattered,” says Jackson. “Recently, after seeing how much traction these gTLDs […]

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