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August 24, 2019 17:35

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PIR slams brakes on “UDRP for copyright”

Public Interest Registry has “paused” its plan to allow copyright owners to seize .org domains used for piracy. In a statement last night, PIR said the plans were being shelved in response to publicly expressed concerns. The Systemic Copyright Infringement Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy was an in-house development, but had made its way into the […]

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The Pirate Bay likely to be sunk as .org adopts “UDRP for copyright”

Controversial piracy site The Pirate Bay is likely to be the first victim of a new industry initiative being described as “UDRP for copyright”. The Domain Name Association today published a set of voluntary “healthy practices” that domain registries can adopt to help keep their TLDs clean of malware, child abuse material, fake pharmacies and […]

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A UDRP for Copyrights? DNA proposes Healthy Domains best practices

DNA releases Healthy Domain Initiative recommendations, including a way to take down domain names with pervasive copyright infringement. Most industries have a choice: do an effective job regulating themselves or face outside regulation. Domain Name Association (DNA), a trade group made up of domain name registrars and registries, has published its first rev of proposed […]

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“Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

Fears that the domain name industry is becoming a stooge for “shadow regulation” of web content were raised, and greeted very skeptically, over the weekend at ICANN 57. Attendees yesterday heard concerns from non-commercial stakeholders, notably the Electronic Frontier Foundation, that deals such as Donuts’ content-policing agreement with the US movie industry amount to regulation […]

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Donuts makes Hollywood content policing deal

Donuts has made a deal with the American movie industry that will make it easier to take down piracy domains. The Motion Picture Association of America has been given a “Trusted Notifier” status, and the two companies have agreed upon a domain take-down framework. The agreement targets “large-scale pirate websites”, Donuts said. It’s the first […]

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