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April 2, 2020 18:52

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Facebook purges tens of thousands of fake accounts to combat spam ring

Domain Name valuation explained; Why Snapchat Might Be the Next Twitter (Not in a Good Way); Why This Tiny Hotspot Is the Best Small City to Start a Business; New Study Finds Best Way to Show Video Ads to Consumers; AppDetex Raises $5.5 Million to Accelerate Growth; The Startup Cleaning Up the Dirty $13 Billion […]

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What Domain Stands Out From All The Oscar Ads Last Night?

Well maybe not to be confused with the screen title “Oscars” but it was all about the hashtag. The one standing out #AskHerMore. Clever ideas to engage the audience onto a multi screen experience. And all about leading traffic to Twitter and from Twitter direct navigated LINK to final destination. It’s because, the Lincoln Navigator is […]

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Hollywood Dropping Domains In Mass

Big Hollywood finally accepted defeat in the never ending bid to get ahead of speculators to acquire Exact Match Domains for their titles. Just go to your local movie theater and watch the coming attractions. Many show no domain at all. It’s all Hashtags, especially when going for the lucrative younger demo. To understand this […]

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Are We Becoming A #hashtag World? Traffic Is NOT King… let me prove it!

PLUS: Interview with Reid Hoffman about Managing Talent; 3 Reasons Why Your Employees Should Use LinkedIn; Fastest Growing NYC Companies; Writing for your audience, and not your product, is easier said than done in the marketing world; 11 Non-Traditional Ways to Reward Innovative Employees; Less Than Half of Marketers Say the C-Suite ‘Gets’ Digital – […]

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gTLD Fail: VMA’s Prove Millennials Reject Dot Com, But Embrace Hashtags (An engrained behavior harder to break than smoking)

At there VMAs and elsewhere it’s all about the hashtags. Yes the visionaries were right to predict that a new generation would eschew tired old dot com but unless the g’s can create a major marketing surge to break the stronghold on hashtags as advertising’s call-to-action, the g’s may very well be dead on arrival.  […]

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Fraud? No joke: AOL’s unnecessary dialup subscriptions still generate more cash than advertising

PLUS: Net breach an opportunity to improve password practices; Brands: Don’t Let Your Hashtag Strategy Turn Into a #Fail; New York Times Tones Down Labeling on Its Sponsored Posts; The Web Is a Content War. Here’s How to Win; 7 Mindfulness Tips For Your Job Search; As P&G Looks to Cut More Than Half Its […]

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