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February 17, 2020 15:18

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ICANN creates female-heavy anti-harassment team

ICANN’s board of directors has created a new team to look at issues of harassment in the community. The new Board Working Group on Anti-Harassment has eight members, six of whom are women. In fact, all six female members of the board, including non-voting liaisons, have been appointed to the group. The members are Becky […]

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Some men at ICANN meetings really are assholes

Several men have been accused of sexual harassment at ICANN meetings. A group of women have written to ICANN with five stories of how they were groped, intimidated, objectified or otherwise harassed in violation of not only common decency but also ICANN’s year-old anti-harassment policy. They’ve not named the alleged harassers, but hinted that they […]

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Ombudsman steps in after harassment claims in Whois group

ICANN Ombudsman Herb Waye has started monitoring an ICANN mailing list after multiple complaints of disrespectful behavior. Waye this week told participants in the Registration Data Services working group that he is to trawl through their list archives and proactively monitor the group following “multiple complaints regarding behavior that contravenes the ICANN Expected Standards of […]

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In rare public session, ICANN approves sexual harassment policy

ICANN’s board of directors this afternoon approved an anti-harassment policy designed to protect community members from unwanted attention. It’s the policy inspired by the now infamous Cheesesandwichgate incident at the Marrakech meeting a year ago. But general counsel John Jeffrey noted that there have been multiple similar complaints to the Ombudsman over the last year […]

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New policy would ban President Trump from ICANN meetings (probably)

Those who sexually harass fellow community members could be banned from ICANN meetings under a policy proposed this week. The proposal greatly expands upon an earlier version, published for comment in May, which would have banned “unwelcome hostile or intimidating behavior”. It presents a long list of activities considered harassment, including: Sexually suggestive touching Grabbing, […]

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Cyber-catcall: Shoshana B. Roberts missed out on the dot .com

We’ve said it before: if you plan to be part of a viral campaign, make sure you already own your name as a dot .com, maybe even a variation of it. Shoshana B. Roberts, a New York based actress, made national news recently over her role as a naturally beautiful, casually dressed female walking in […]

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