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February 28, 2020 02:39

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Gary V is Right: Gary Busey Blows By Domain Needs, In Commercial For "Voice Search" Fire TV

“It’s kind of ironic that voice is one of the next big things in mobile.” I would say Evans is partially correct. It’s not just mobile. Voice promises to be the next big thing in communications, period.” When Gary Vanachyeck turned heads at Domainfest and on Domain Name Wire by predicting “It got interesting when […]

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Click Fraud Bots & The Fastest Internet Of Any Car & Google Rolls Out No-Hands Voice Search

PLUS: ALU new high; Apple Has 600 Million Accounts, Blowing EVERYONE else away; French Mail Company To Offer 3D Printing Services To The Masses; First book printed in U.S. sells for $14.2 million in a week where a vintage car brought $64 million and a painting $146 million. Do you really think billionaire investor / […]

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