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August 24, 2019 18:32

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Hakkasan, baby! Uniregistry party at NamesCon 2017 – photos and videos

Uniregistry hosted a fun, loud party at Hakkasan in Las Vegas, during NamesCon 2017. Just like last year, the music was loud and alcohol was flowing like the day Prohibition ended! Hundreds of domainers attending NamesCon, the biggest domain conference of the year, were at the club, although not everyone danced as crazy as some […]

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Hakkasan, baby! Uniregistry NamesCon party track released

Those who attended NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas, could not have possibly missed the magnificent party thrown by Uniregistry at the Hakkasan night club. The event featured some of the best – and loudest – progressive trance tracks, and it set the mood for lots of dancing among the NamesCon attendees. Many records were set […]

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Seven figure deal closed during the Uniregistry party at Hakkasan

Domain investors never sleep; during the NamesCon 2016 conference, millions of dollars in domain deals and joint ventures came to fruition. One of the most remarkable deals closed during the Hakkasan party, organized by Uniregistry. The seven figure domain venture was agreed upon in the middle of 145 db mix bursts, laser beams and a […]

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Hakkasan Las Vegas : Photos from the Uniregistry party at NamesCon

Hakkasan baby. Frank Schilling and Uniregistry threw in a massive party at Hakkasan last night, that will be the stuff of legends for years to come. Hakkasan was jam packed with domainers, in an exclusive party; the place was jumping with insane entertainment, lasers and decibels off the chart. Yet another benefit of having NamesCon […]

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Hakkasan : Uniregistry plans huge party for NamesCon 2016

Uniregistry is planning one huge party event during NamesCon 2016 – the biggest domain conference in January. An invitation to the Hakkasan night club in Las Vegas, already hints of the spectacular, fun time that Uniregistry is preparing for; domainers are going to love it. 😀 Richard Lau, co-founder of NamesCon, shared with us that […]

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