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December 7, 2019 04:47

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ICANN got hacked by crypto bots

ICANN had to take down its community wiki for several hours last week after it got hacked by crypto-currency miners. The bad guys got in via one of two “critical” vulnerabilities in Confluence, the wiki software that ICANN licences from Atlassian Systems, which ICANN had not yet patched. ICANN’s techies noticed the wiki, which is […]

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7 Signs Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular as a content management system is because of its airtight security (read: it’s rare ability to be hacked). But the truth is, 136,640 attacks are happening per minute to WordPress websites across the globe. That’s a scary thought. No matter how secure you think your WordPress website […]

Read more shares drop 12% on data breach news

Shares plummet after credit card information is stolen. It’s a down start to the day for stock markets in general, but domain name and hosting company (NASDAQ: WWWW) is having a particularly bad day. Shares are trading down about $3.00 to $20.81 at the time of writing. That’s about a 12% drop. The move […]

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Mile-High Sex Parties Help Save Marriages; The Real Brilliance Of Apple Pay – The Iphone 6 Gets Free Marketing From Major Banks

New gTLD spam bombardment!; Free delivery creates holiday boon for U.S. consumers at high cost; Alcatel Watch aims to low-end their smartwatch competition; Uber loses bid to withhold CEO emails in gratuity lawsuit; The Hidden Power of Gratitude in Driving Sales; Student Debt As An Asset Class: A $1 Trillion Opportunity?5he 50 Most Surprising Work-From-Home […]

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800 Nerds on a Cruise Ship Walk Into A Bar; CORPORATE AMERICA VS. OWNING A BUSINESS

Should I Quit My Job?Seth’s blog, 3 million uniques, no ads and these gemstones; How to Use Content to Find Customers; Apple, Inc. Television Rumors Are Back; Why Apple’s IBM partnership was the biggest tech news of 2014; 10 Irritating Behaviors that Will Ruin Your Career… and.. How do I effectively market my business in […]

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Why Coders Are the New Rock Stars: Average San Francisco Tech Salaries Up 19% to $156K

PLUS: How Paul Made $4 billion selling shampoo? 7 Ways to Impress Your Potential Investors; Amazon Is Turning Into Google (GOOG); 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting a Loan; HubSpot files for $100 million IPO; Google Updates Potentially Replace Microsoft Office; Hacked Passwords Stolen; Now What? and.. get you apps in app stores.. […]

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Facebook Employee Blows $185 Million! & How to Make $100 Million Before Turning 40;

PLUS: Spend at least $100,000 with us and get access to 57 “elite” GQ readers who will help promote your brand across print and digital; No Domain Needed—eens Launch ‘Push for Pizza,’ the ‘Easiest Way to Order, Ever’; How to Sell Yourself in an Interview Without “Selling” at All and.. You’ve been hacked! Here’s what […]

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LIke ICANN, Coca-Cola Designed Its New Can Around A Problem No One Has

PLUS: Prepare for NamesCON: How I Learned to Work a Room, and You Can Too and…No revenue, no confidence from advertisers and they turned down $3 billion! Is The New Google AdWords Ad Format Too Sneaky? Citrix developing apps for Google Glass; Gary V: I’m In the Business of Always Trying To Put Myself Out of Business; 11 […]

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