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April 4, 2020 23:23

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Terrible #Marketing : One of the #Domain King’s droppings gets re-registered

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, embraced the registration of meaningful new gTLDs early on in the game. Rick went after gTLD domains where keyword+gTLD formed a pair that made sense. Eventually, the experienced domainer dropped most of these domains, focusing instead on the classic extensions, .com, .net and .org. Terrible.Marketing, one of the Domain King’s […]

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#SpamAssassin and #domains : Which #TLDs are viewed as bad?

If you’re using SpamAssassin to manage your web site’s email traffic, you’re doing it right. Billions of spam emails are being sent out every year, and the proliferation of new gTLDs has given cheap alternatives to legacy TLDs. What are the ones SpamAssassin sees as the most potentially bad? The Spam Assassin rule, KAM_SOMETLD_ARE_BAD_TLD is […]

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Two #Pioneer banks fight it out over the restricted #domain Pioneer.Bank

Two banks, Pioneer Bank of New Mexico, and Pioneer Bank, SSB, are fighting over the domain name Pioneer.Bank. The first bank filed a UDRP claiming that the domain was allocated to the Respondent by the dot .Bank registry during the sunrise period, based on a pending Benelux mark. That trademark thus passed the Trademark Clearinghouse […]

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5th year anniversary goes off with a whimper. What’s next for new GTLDs

After launching in April 2014, 2years later registrations had shot up to over 20 million. Move on another 3 years to February 2019 and that growth has stalled to zero. The 5th anniversary was met with no fanfare, no proclamations of .com being resigned to the dustbin, like AM radio, which in hindsight looks silly. […]

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ICANN approves messy, unfinished Whois policy

With a week left on the GDPR compliance clock, ICANN has formally approved a new Whois policy that will hit all gTLD registries and registrars next Friday. The Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data represents the first time in its history ICANN has invoked contractual clauses that allow it to create binding policy in a […]

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Taking NamePulse for a spin to do a deeper dive into how new gTLDs are really doing

Ever since the new gTLD program was launched I have been fascinated by how different domain extensions perform and more importantly, the metrics that we should really be using to judge performance. I have talked in the past about my issues with using registrations as the KPI for adoption since this number is so easily […]

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I See You : New generic top level #domain #ICU ready for launch

A new generic gTLD is about to launch: dot .ICU which is an obvious acronym for “I See You.” Dot .ICU is a domain extension operated by ShortDot SA, an Internet domain registry based in Luxembourg. With offices in Luxembourg City and in Singapore, the company aims for a global reach and approach. Dot .ICU […]

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Reshaping The Future Of The Internet: Welcome To The World Dot Neustar

I wanted to share some exciting news about the revamp of the Neustar global website that embraces their .neustar brand TLD. All of Neustar’s digital assets will now utilize the new ‘.neustar’ TLD to increase the effectiveness and stickiness of online and offline communications. Their homepage resolves to and each of Neustar’s solution areas can also be found on […]

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Almost 60% of new gTLDs are parked – is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I find myself somewhat frequently checking to follow what’s going on in the world of new gTLDs. One of the recent trends I’ve been keeping an eye on is .TOP overtaking .XYZ as the “most registered” new gTLD and .LOAN is getting closer and closer to overtaking .XYZ to move into the #2 spot. […]

Read more : New gTLD domain in the hands of id Software via the UDRP process

It was doomed from the get-go, for the new gTLD domain, Doom.Games. Doom, the classic 1990’s game that spawned a long franchise that continues to this day, is also a registered trademark of 20 years. Dot .Games is a former gTLD of Rightside, now wholly owned by Donuts, Inc. The game’s creators, id Software LLC, […]

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