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January 19, 2020 15:57

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How can the most sophisticated search algorithms in the world make such a simple mistake?

So I’m always amazed at times when Google returns a result that makes very little sense when it comes to relevancy. No, I’m not going to stop using them, I don’t think any of us would, but I am surprised sometimes when they return a result in the top position that really doesn’t deserve to […]

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American Workers Forfeit $272 Billion Worth of Time Off; Data Refutes Arguments of Anti-Pot Lobby

Colonizing the Moon Just Got a Lot More Dangerous; Google will show different search results to mobile and desktop users; Self-Driving Mercedes Will Be Programmed To Sacrifice Pedestrians To Save The Drive; China has now eclipsed us in AI research; Two of Google’s metrics have been suspended from a key accreditation service used to measure […]

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UPDATE: 10 Years Ago We Told You That The "Speak-In" Would Replace "The Type-In"

Sex robot cafe aims to offer Londoners fellatio with their morning coffee;  Bikini Model Makes Millions on Weed; Google’s latest search engine algorithm is good news; Connecting Audiences to Your Brand’s Story; Site search is a top priority for online gift shoppers; Will Zappos reap rewards from its new loyalty program? This startup is protecting […]

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Google Domains pitches new TLDs with Q&A post

See a new TLD in action by searching for “coffee club”, company suggests. It’s not from Google’s search team, but a new blog post today from Google Domains seeks to clear up any misunderstanding about new domain names and search. The post answers common questions about new domain name endings, such as will they affect […]

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Google Guillotine : Trimming the fat of your web site content!

Google announced the introduction of new portal code that trims the fat out of web site content, to make it appear more appealing on the iPhone. Internally referred to as “Google guillotine“, the search improvisation removes web content that is deemed unnecessary, superfluous or otherwise conflicting with Google’s extended interest. “Google crawls billions of web […]

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Guilty Blogger Sentenced to Death; 10 Facts About Infidelity

PLUS: One surprising fact: 35% of billionaires didn’t graduate from college; Peter Thiel: Google Will Outlast Them All; Be A Leader Who Can Bounce Back; Jamie Dimon’s $13 Billion Secret than earned him $20 Million; The Bechdel test is only a small part of Alison Bechdel’s genius; ou found a name you love. the .com […]

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