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April 26, 2019 02:15

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The Rise of #Skywalker : Dot .com #domain gets squatted as soon as new Star Wars trailer is released

A new trailer for the next Star Wars movie revealed the full name: Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker. Within hours, the domain name was registered, not by the movie mogul Lucasfilm LTD, which is owned by Disney. The domain is currently at GoDaddy, and the .net and .org have been registered without […]

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.Com slips at GoDaddy

Expirations outpaced new registrations at GoDaddy in December. ICANN has published the latest official data from Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) about the .com namespace. This registrar-by-registrar report covers December 2018. Something interesting happened in December: GoDaddy’s .com domains under management (DUMs) dropped. I’ve tracked monthly numbers for a long time and don’t recall this happening in […]

Read more expires and in first few hours already at $21,000+ hit GoDaddy expired auctions this morning and is already up to $21,260. The domain looks to have been registered in 1996 and owned by a company from Ecuador. The company, Industrias Lácteas Toni S.A has an active website at Where do you think it closes?   Bid Date Bid Expires Bidder Bid Amount […]

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“Not up for a bidding war? How about one of these?”

It’s hard being all things to all people and trying to get paid by all sides as well. NameMarket wrote a post on Namepros that shined light on something I had not come accross before, and neither did GoDaddy’s Paul Nicks and Joe Styler. While searching one of his names on GoDaddy he got a […]

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New #GoDaddy video not chauvinist enough, according to #domain veterans

The new GoDaddy video fails to reek of blatant male chauvinism and sexism, and that’s the plain truth from the mouth of veteran domain investors. Long known for its T&A approach to visualizing life and domain names, GoDaddy’s commercials used to incorporate females with ample bosoms and spectacular derrieres. Men were still men, and women […]

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High on RUM : #GoDaddy adding traffic metrics javascipt to hosted #domains

GoDaddy is adding its own traffic tracking code, called RUM, to web sites that it hosts. The code generates javascript to take advantage of Real User Metrics, and apparently web sites are opted in by default. Such code has the potential of slowing down web site performance, and can sometimes break web sites. According to […]

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TrueDN posted on Namepros that was listed at Sedo for $9,000. The member spoke to the previous owner and they said it was stolen from their account at GoDaddy. The name is no longer showing for sale, and since this happened after regular business hours for Sedo, it might have been purchased. The name […]

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Verisign made domain aftermarket arguments in July

Last week’s blog post was not the first time Verisign called attention to domain investors. Last week Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) shocked many of its biggest customers by saying that domain investors are a problem. It turns out that this was not the first time Verisign raised arguments about the domain aftermarket. It drew attention to […]

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Wagner takes dig at Verisign as GoDaddy reports $310 million domain revenue

GoDaddy CEO Scott Wagner ducked a question about how the company will react to future .com price increases during its third-quarter earnings call yesterday, but used the opportunity to take a gentle swipe at Verisign. Asked by an analyst whether the first 7% price increase, almost certainly coming in 2020, would have any effect on […]

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GoDaddy posts 17% revenue growth in Q3

Growth across the board plus a stock buyback. GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY) released Q3 2018 earnings after the market closed today. Revenue hit $680 million, up 17% year-over-year. Bookings were up 11% to $742 million. Domain revenue was $310 million, up from $272 million in the same quarter last year. It was $305 million in Q2 of […]

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