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September 24, 2018 23:35

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L.A. based Marijuana magazine lets domain expire sells for $10,500

The 420 Times allowed it’s domain to expire and it closed at $10,500 on GoDaddy auctions on Tuesday. From the Huffington Post, THE 420 TIMES is a Los Angeles homegrown medical marijuana and natural healing magazine, distributed throughout Southern California. The 420 Times covers activism, advocacy and legal issues, cultivation, medical research, as well as […]

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No waiting til the end of this auction

Usually the action gets hot toward the end of an auction, most don’t want to show their hand early. That’s not the case for which hit GoDaddy auctions last night. The name is already at $30,000. Bid Date Bid Expires Bidder Bid Amount 2018/09/15 06:31 PM (PDT) 2018/09/26 11:29 AM (PDT) Bidder 9 $30 000 […]

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#GoDaddy auctions : Who will pick up the domain #Theranos .com?

RIP Theranos. The technology corporation known for its false claims to have devised blood tests that only needed very small amounts of blood, is closing its doors permanently. Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes, is now facing criminal charges, alleging that the company defrauded investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. The company’s dissolution will definitely […]

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How early should domain name registrars auto renew domains?

My domain registrars auto-renew anywhere from the expiration time to 60 days in advance. It’s smart for domain name registrants to place their domain names on auto-renew. This means your domain name registrar will renew your domain name each year without action on your part. It prevents domains from accidentally deleting when you overlook a […]

Read more closes at $46,500, will GoDaddy get full payment this time? closed at $46,500 today on GoDaddy auctions. After last week’s flurry of information on, it will be interesting to see if GoDaddy needs to take a haircut here. Will the buyer get the wire in on time? This could be a new gameshow for every high priced auction close on GoDaddy. There is […]

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#GoDaddy tells owner of tlumaczpolski .com to spend $69 bucks to reclaim it

“Domain theft!” These words came from the former owner of – a domain he thought it was renewed at GoDaddy. A year ago, the distraught professional renewed his domain at GoDaddy, along with another year of web hosting. Having set automatic renewal on, this year’s notification of payment for auto-renewing the GoDaddy products in […]

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ICANN closes GoDaddy Whois probe

ICANN has closed its investigation into GoDaddy’s Whois practices with no action taken. Senior VP of compliance Jamie Hedlund yesterday wrote to David Redl, head of the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration, to provide an update on the probe, news of which first emerged in April. The NTIA and members of the intellectual property […]

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Mr. Bladel goes to Washington

GoDaddy VP of Public Policy testifies to Congress and answers questions from Ted Cruz. GoDaddy VP of Global Policy James Bladel testifying to the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet GoDaddy Vice President of Global Policy James Bladel was in Washington, D.C. this morning for a Senate hearing “The Internet and Digital […]

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Why getting patents is smart for domain name companies

Patent programs help employees focus on innovation and create a good defense against patent infringement cases. Last week I was reviewing some of GoDaddy’s recent patent applications. When I write stories about patents, people often say that the patent is a joke or the invention is obvious. That may well be true in some circumstance. […]

Read more expired where will it close? a 22 year old, one word premium domain name has expired and hit GoDaddy auctions yesterday. The bidding is already over $30,000 with the auction not closing until 8/7. Post where you think the auction will close and the guess closest to the closing price will have a $25 donation made in their name […]

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