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August 24, 2019 09:49

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Berkens says new gTLDs mostly suck but geos suck hardest

Ever since he cashed out his massive portfolio of domain names in a bulk sale to GoDaddy three and a half years ago, domain investor Mike Berkens has been dabbling in new gTLDs, and so far he’s not impressed. In a recent conference speech and blog post, he revealed some of his experiences parking and […]

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#Hacker group claims to have defaced a #GoDaddy server

A hacker group shared captures of a GoDaddy server, a few hours ago, claiming dibs to its defacement. The attack involved the subdomain which has now been taken offline. According to cached information from Google, PWS Gallery appears to be a demonstration of content created for GoDaddy customers. While is currently offline, […]

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#GoDaddy gear : Bob Parsons “punching bag” is a new sports item

GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, is focusing on sports gear these days, through his golfing club company. The serial entrepreneur has a passion for stepping outside the box when it comes down to rolling out products and services. Among the latest range of products by Bob Parsons, who might or might not still be on the […]

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GoDaddy Shuts Down 15,000 Subdomains used for scams

GoDaddy shutdown over 15,000 subdomains where surprisingly the legitimate owners of the domain did not even know they were hacked. The websites had fake endorsements from celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and Shark Tank to name just a few. Gadgets360 on reported Spammers continue to find new ways to lure unsuspecting users […]

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#GoDaddy introduces “hard push” for #domain transfers under duress

Do you need a domain desperately, but the registrant won’t budge? Is it possible to get that domain by making them change their mind and with minimal effort? If that domain is with GoDaddy, you might now have an option. The biggest domain registrar in the world is introducing Hard Push ™, a domain transfer […]

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Oh, the irony! Banned anti-Islam activist shows up on “Turkish” new gTLD domain

Tommy Robinson, who has been banned from most major social media platforms due to his anti-Islam “hate speech”, is now conducting business via a domain name that some believe rightfully belongs to the Muslim-majority nation of Turkey. The registration could add fuel to the fight between ICANN and its governmental advisers over whether certain domains […]

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Back on 4/8 I wrote that just hit GoDaddy auctions and was already at $21,000 in the first few hours. Many thought the domain would get renewed in the few days where the renewal window was open. The domain was not renewed and closed an hour ago at $42,500. Bidder 6160601 won the name, they […]

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The Rise of #Skywalker : Dot .com #domain gets squatted as soon as new Star Wars trailer is released

A new trailer for the next Star Wars movie revealed the full name: Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker. Within hours, the domain name was registered, not by the movie mogul Lucasfilm LTD, which is owned by Disney. The domain is currently at GoDaddy, and the .net and .org have been registered without […]

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.Com slips at GoDaddy

Expirations outpaced new registrations at GoDaddy in December. ICANN has published the latest official data from Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) about the .com namespace. This registrar-by-registrar report covers December 2018. Something interesting happened in December: GoDaddy’s .com domains under management (DUMs) dropped. I’ve tracked monthly numbers for a long time and don’t recall this happening in […]

Read more expires and in first few hours already at $21,000+ hit GoDaddy expired auctions this morning and is already up to $21,260. The domain looks to have been registered in 1996 and owned by a company from Ecuador. The company, Industrias Lácteas Toni S.A has an active website at Where do you think it closes?   Bid Date Bid Expires Bidder Bid Amount […]

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