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September 18, 2019 18:04

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#WHOIS wars : Withheld by #GoDaddy is a new #DomainTools warning tag

The war of WHOIS information is escalating, and DomainTools is on the offensive. GoDaddy is now keeping part of the publicly available WHOIS information private, for domains that are queried via third party tools. At first, we thought that DomainTools had a special agreement with the largest domain registrar in the world, to display the […]

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GoDaddy moves to reCaptcha system; the changes break domain WHOIS links

GoDaddy has given up its custom-made captcha system, used for the WHOIS queries page. After years of using a proprietary system to confirm the function is performed by a human, and not by “unscrupulous spammers,” GoDaddy moved to reCaptcha. The system is widely used by many companies, including DomainTools. There is, however, a small problem: […]

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