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December 6, 2019 02:56

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#GoDaddy wants to conquer every tier 2 city in #India

GoDaddy bagged one million customers in India, and the biggest domain registrar in the world is only getting started. With 462 million Internet users, India is second only to China. So far, GoDaddy’s web hosting and cloud services have targeted the large metropolises of India. There are 51 million small and medium businesses, of which […]

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Almost #Bollywood : #GoDaddy video in #India celebrates 1 million customers

GoDaddy has created a new video for its Indian audience, in celebration of achieving 1 million customers in India. The video is part in the Hindi language, part in Hindi with English words, and part in full English. “GoDaddy empowers our customers – one MILLION to date! – to move forward with their ideas online. […]

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Indian tax agency tells #GoDaddy #domain registration income is “royalty”

The tax authority of India wants GoDaddy to pay local tax for the registration of domain names. According to the Times of India,  the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) in New Delhi has held GoDaddy to be liable to tax in India, on income earned from the registration of domain names. Legal processes take long […]

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