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October 18, 2019 23:35

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GoDaddy glitches continue to annoy domain investors

GoDaddy has been having a less than stellar month, with issues stemming from its API and app changes. Earlier in June, GoDaddy began making changes to its API, along with the continuation of the investor app. The main GoDaddy app is being updated to utilize newer technology, but issues continue. On June 16th, GoDaddy log […]

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Angry blogger has a bone to pick with NetSol and GoDaddy

When you own more than one domain, you’re automatically a domainer; if you have 43, you’re a “sophisticated domainer.” In the case of blogger Basil King, the process of having to renew 17 domain names every year became complex, thanks to Network Solutions. Basil changed his credit card but Network Solutions tried to bill the […]

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Global Domain Warming : 70,000 domain portfolio sale to GoDaddy addressed in Paris

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Paris, France, from November 30th to December 12th, 2015. The so-called “Global Warming” conference imposed a strict 2-degree (Celsius) acceptable limit in global temperature increase. With this in mind, starting in 2017, all humans on the planet will be assigned a maximum amount of carbon […]

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Domain Security: GoDaddy increases length of validation codes

No domain registrar in the world cares more about domain security than GoDaddy. If your domains were stolen and moved to some Chinese or Russian domain registrar, that’s because you were stupid enough not to turn two-factor authentication on. The requirement to punch in a “validation code” sent to your phone via SMS is a […]

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