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February 22, 2019 11:09

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GoDaddy Auctions is pulling back some expired domains that were at Endurance

Domains from partner registrar were mistakenly sent to GoDaddy for auctioning. Over the weekend, a Domain Name Wire reader noticed that expired domain names from some domain name registrars had been pulled from GoDaddy Auctions. This included domain names that already had bids. When I looked the domains up, it seemed that some of them […]

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Aged #domain lost in auction, case involves K-Systems and #GoDaddy

A bizarre situation involving a 1999 domain,, is unfolding over at DNForum. The owner of the domain, paid for its renewal via PayPal, and the domain registrar, K-Systems, initially claimed that the domain was “deleted.” did not drop, however, and current information shows that it was auctioned off at GoDaddy and was acquired […]

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#Lifebeam .com : Aged #domain sold via #GoDaddy auctions, lost in #UDRP

Expired auctions at GoDaddy attract a lot of domain investors, due to the specific characteristics of these domain names., a domain registered in 1999, was sold via the GoDaddy auctions for the sum of $2,001 dollars in August. The company that let it expire by accident, filed and won a UDRP. The new owners […]

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Please, GoDaddy, don’t add watcher data to expired domains

Disclosing the number of watchers could change how people use GoDaddy Auctions. Alvin Brown recently discovered data that GoDaddy is sharing for its closeout expiring domain name auctions. It’s valuable data including the domain age, links to search results, etc. But one thing is troubling: Showing how many people are watching a domain name could […]

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Tucows moves expired domain names back to GoDaddy Auctions

Move back to GoDaddy suggests that GoDaddy generates substantially more revenue per domain for registrars. Domain name registrar Tucows has moved its expired domain name inventory back to GoDaddy Auctions, Domain Name Wire has discovered. In September 2016, Tucows became the first third-party registrar to send its expired domain inventory to GoDaddy Auctions, switching from […]

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3 Tips to Discover Expired Domains Available at Hand-Registration Fee

[Editor’s note: I’m pleased to have Alvin Brown join as a contributing author on DNW. Brown is a fellow Austinite, domain investor and digital marketer. He posts great tutorials at, and will be writing posts for DNW that will help domain investors.] Each day I spend my fair share of time reviewing a vast […]

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GoDaddy: Latest auction changes unrelated to Rick Schwartz’s tweets

GoDaddy implemented a series of changes to its domain auctions, a day after a series of tweets by Rick Schwartz rocked the domain industry’s foundation. Effective December 4th, GoDaddy will treat domain auctions as irreversible; their registrants will no longer be able to game the system to get free appraisals, and then renew the domains […]

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Rick Schwartz : I am the new owner of

Rick Schwartz announced that he’s the new owner of the domain The Domain King became furious by the method that GoDaddy uses to auction expired domain names; even after payment, the auction’s result can be voided, and funds are returned. But what about the time one spent, researching and bidding up a storm? Said […]

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GoDaddy user claims was stolen

A GoDaddy user venting off at the support forum of, made a bold claim that was stolen from him, “many years ago.” User “Web_Investigator” was responding to a thread about domains that apparently expired, with the following statement: My, my, my.   Another domain stolen?   Who do so many people forget.  Stealing domain names […]

Read more : Expired GoDaddy domain regained via the UDRP process

In 2016, Rolls Wine forgot to renew their domain,, and it entered the GoDaddy expired domains inventory. An enterprising Chinese investor scooped the 1998 registration up, and wanted $10,000 dollars for it. The former owners, that operate a wine import business, offered $2,000 but the registrant declined; a UDRP was thus filed. Michael A. […]

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