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March 21, 2019 01:15

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.GG is becoming quite popular in the eSports world

.GG, it’s a domain extension that you might not have heard of before, and if you have heard about it, it probably means you’re interested in eSports. While .GG isn’t popular for Domainers, startups, or really just about anyone – it has become a go-to extension in the eSports world and is now used by […]

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.GG has become a go-to domain extension for eSports

A relatively unknown ccTLD, .GG has become a go-to domain name extension in the eSports world. Why you ask? Well in the gaming world “GG” is one of the most used abbreviations and it stands for “Good Game.” As eSports has grown dramatically over the last few years, so has interest in .GG which honestly […]

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Roberts elected to ICANN board

Channel Islands ccTLD operator Nigel Roberts has been elected to ICANN’s board of directors. He gathered an impressive 67% of the votes in an anonymous poll of ccNSO members conducted last week. He received 60 votes versus the 29 cast for his only opponent, Pierre Ouedraogo, an internet pioneer from Burkina Faso. Roberts, a Brit, […]

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