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August 21, 2019 22:10

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Fourth time’s a charm : How much did #DNForum sell for?

George Verdugo announced the sale of DNForum yesterday, just a year after its acquisition along with Kevin Faler. The oldest domain forum was sold along with its database of 17+ years, consisting of 1.8 million posts and more than 500,000 members. This is the 4th time that has been sold over the years, after […]

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#DNForum .com has been listed for sale on #Sedo

Shocking news of the day: has been listed for sale on the Sedo marketplace, with a $25,000 dollar BIN price. The oldest active domain forum was functioning until yesterday, with ongoing domain sales threads and an emphasis on cryptocurrency and marijuana domains. We have reached out to the owners to find out what exactly […]

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Hotels.CLUB and huge room discounts : Five plus one questions with owner, George Verdugo

George Verdugo is a domain investor and serial entrepreneur, and co-owner of DNForum with Kevin Faler. Last year, George Verdugo acquired the premium domain, Hotels.CLUB, with a very specific business plan in mind: to offer heavily discounted hotel bookings. The new venture went live last week. We reached out to George to find out more […]

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DNForum : Interview with the new owners, George Verdugo and Kevin Faler, at NamesCon 2017

During NamesCon 2017, we had the pleasure to meet with and interview the new owners of DNForum, George Verdugo and Kevin Faler. changed hands very recently, after its former owner, Adam Dicker, sold it along with an assortment of other assets for an undisclosed amount, retaining zero interest in the venture. Kevin and George […]

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The new DNForum .com is open for business, and under new ownership

Yesterday, we broke the big news that Adam Dicker sold and all of its assets. Long time domain investors who called DNForum “home” will be elated, as entrepreneurs George Verdugo (CEO) and Kevin Faler (CFO) are now in full control and ownership of DNForum. The move was motivated by the need to preserve and […]

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DNForum .com under new ownership; Adam Dicker has sold the domain forum and all assets

DNForum is under new ownership; former owner, Adam Dicker, has sold the domain name, the forum and all associated assets, retaining zero interest. Real estate and domain entrepreneur, George Verdugo, is the new partnership’s CEO, along with domain investor and entrepreneur, Kevin Faler, who will serve as the CFO of the US-based corporation. The new […]

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I Love Chicago : Cubs win World Series, George Verdugo launches new domain venture!

The Chicago Cubs ended an 108-year drought, winning the World Series, and a hard-working domainer can celebrate as well. Domain investor, George Verdugo, acquired the domain name just days before the baseball final. “I closed on the deal right before the Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series final, it was a lucky […]

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Viva Cuba! George Verdugo lands historic Cuban domain name

The Cold War is officially over, now that the US and Cuba have mutually re-instated their respective embassies. Fidel Castro is retired, and the road ahead is promising an influx of American tourists and businesses heading towards Havana – and we don’t mean the Miami district. Domain investors capitalizing on the opportunity have been acquiring […]

Read more : The early domainer catches the proverbial worm

Domain investor, George Verdugo, is always busy; his real estate business, Casas Baratas keeps him occupied with the world of house flipping. With, Verdugo has built a 5,000-strong online community that delivers news and happenings to the Hispanic community of Los Angeles. His out-of-this-world project,, is awaiting the right moment for the launch […]

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George Verdugo : From real estate and space, to becoming “UNO” in L.A.

George Verdugo is on a roll; the Kansas City resident and East L.A. native has so many hot irons in the fire, that one might say “muy caliente“! After launching Casas Baratas for the global Hispanic house market, George went on to conquer things outside this earth, launching Visit Space. Craving some earthly oxygen, George […]

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