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August 22, 2019 05:04

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#Lime Scooters : A $2 billion valuation company running on a #domain hack!

Lime is a two year old scooter company that has secured $400 million dollars in investments, on a $2 billion valuation that excludes the fresh cash. Electric scooters have been getting a lot of global adoption, as they are more compact than electric bikes and portable. Many domain investors go gaga about generic dictionary words […]

Read more : From unused “web design” site to gun replica mall was sold some time in August, via the Concierge service. The domain was registered in 1996, and an archive of its pages from 1997 contains some interesting stuff, including the [NSFW] babe of the month. For the next 20 years, the content became increasingly stagnant, and since 2005 the landing page simply displayed […]

Read more UDRP : Generic word investing a legitimate business, says panelist

The UDRP against the domain, failed at the WIPO. Registered in 2003 by an Italian domain investor, the domain is a dictionary word in Italian, meaning “bigots.” A company from Romania, Graftex Prodcom SRL and Graffitti – 94 R.B.I. Prodcom S.R.L. filed the UDRP on the basis of trademarks from 2001 and 2003. The […]

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Rick Schwartz takes back control of – was the domain sold? is a domain that Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, has owned for more than a decade. After acquiring the domain for $750,000 dollars on August 1, 2005 (source: NameBio) Rick Schwartz parked for several years. Eventually, through his “joint ventures” approach, the domain was leased to the owners of, a Florida corporation […]

Read more shuts down : Another ultra generic domain down the dumpster!

So much for the alleged success of ultra-generic, .com domains: is no more. The smart watch manufacturer has shut down, and it’s joining Fitbit. Select members of its workforce and the Pebble technology and patents will now migrate to a company with a domain “brandable.” It seems rather ironic, that a generic domain acquired […]

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Orion Telescopes & Binoculars acquired 4 premium .com optics domains

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars operates from the ultra premium domain,, but that’s not enough. According to a press release from the company, they have completed the acquisition of several premium optics domains – just in time for the holiday season: The new Orion Telescopes & Binoculars domains are,,, and “We […]

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Rhapsody rebrands as Napster, drops generic domain in favor of brandable!

Rhapsody, the subscription-based music streaming service, is doing the unthinkable, once again. In 2001, the service was called Listen, operating from By 2011, the company had already rebranded as Rhapsody, using the generic domain; that same year it acquired Napster, a relic of the 1990’s that was once associated with pirated mp3 files. […]

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HasOffers rebrands to

Mobile ad company, HasOffers, was apparently not getting that far ahead in its target market with that name. Over the course of nine months, they rebranded the company, securing the domain name in the process. The idea was to assist their customers “tune their marketing campaigns“; obviously, the choice of a name is short […]

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Scott Day Sells For A Million Now They Go IPO For Billions

PLUS: Super Smart Homes: How the Internet Will Weave Itself into Everything; 80% to Leave Facebook by 2017? Think Again! How to Self Promote without Being a Jerk; Why brands need generic domain domain names too; TVtag (Formerly GetGlue) Is Paying 50 People to Watch TV; Mobile-First Is Old News. Think Platform-First.; What Makes a […]

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