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August 22, 2019 04:31

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The Case for Breaking Up Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

His 2020 Campaign Message: The Robots Are Coming; 73 Mind-Blowing Implications of a Driverless Future; Chamillionaire is a presentation genius, has a new app; Facebook Sees Its Gen Z Audience Slipping Away to Snapchat; Could We Beat the Opioid Epidemic by Easing Pain with Marijuana? Numeraire, The Cryptocurrency Powering The World Hedge Fund; In the […]

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The Fervor Around Blockchains Explained in Two Minutes; Mastercard Will Now Let You Pay With Blockchain

Bitcoin the new gold? How Facebook’s Master Algorithm Powers the Social Network; Bye Bye Banks – Cryptocurrency Debit Card Creators Launch Smart Wallet Apps for Apple and Android; Wildfires Scorch Marijuana Crops;  Toxic relationship habits most people think are normal; Surfers develop trash can for the ocean;  Dogs Make Facial Expressions, But Only When They’ve […]

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First Bitcoinization of a Sovereign State is Happening Now; Lets Talk About Your "Side Hustle"

How to Stop Pirate Bay and Other Sites From Hijacking Your CPU to Mine Cryptocoins; The Blockchain Is the Internet of Money; The psychology of your future self; The interview isn’t over until you’ve written “thank you”; Men look more successful with hair, study finds; Alibaba and Tencent Set Fast Pace in Mobile-Payments Race; A […]

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How To Build A Brand People Love; $100 of Bitcoin Circa 2010 Is Worth $73 Million In 2017

Frank Schilling “Branding will develop an entirely new meaning”; SoftBank’s Son Chases Boyhood Dreams With $100 Billion Fund; Partner up! Self-driving car firms form tangled web of alliances; Inside Facebook’s plan to eat another $350 billion IT market; Microsoft Brings Chatbots to Local Businesses via Bing Places;Bezos Prime; 4 Ways Gen Z Will Change Company […]

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Business Blog Gathering Dust? Here’s How to Keep Posting Even When Time Is Tight

Google internet balloon plan snagged in Sri Lanka: minister; Why the Co-For Generation Z, ‘Live Chilling’ Replaces Hanging Out in Person; Founder of Skype Just Raised a $765 Million Fund For European Startups; Samsung Group Heir Jay Y. Lee Is Arrested on Bribery Allegations; How To Establish A World-Class Corporate Brand Licensing Program; The Number […]

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