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September 19, 2019 02:05

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Let’s Talk About “Street Smarts”

Frankly, I always thought it was a shame that the importance of “street smarts” in the world of domaining tends to be underestimated… can you consider yourself a good domainer if you have close to zero real-world experience? In other words, if you’ve let’s say never run a business or even been near someone running […]

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Why I’m Learning Chinese

Nǐ hǎo! I’ve always kinda-sorta wanted to learn Chinese but last month, my wife and I have signed up for an actual Chinese class… should be interesting! But why?!? In my case, it’s a no-brainer, as I know how many additional doors knowing Chinese can open. Hopefully, once my Chinese is decent enough, we’ll be […]

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Should Domainers Care About Politics?

Keyword domain or brandable. Dot com or ccTLD. Niche-specific metrics. Domain-specific metrics (age, past sales prices… if any, etc.), there are a ton of things that are on your mind if you’re serious about being a good domain investor. Therefore, I don’t judge those who tell me they don’t care about politics-related stuff at all. […]

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Any Bitcoin Sellers Among Domainers?

I’ve started investing in btc more seriously as of $500 and stopped investing fiat at $5,000. Over the next few months, I will once again be investing some fiat and am looking for a few go-to sellers. In other words, people I add on Skype and contact whenever I want to buy. Maybe you’re a […]

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Dear End Users, Let’s Not Forget About Domains!

I see waaaaaaaaaaaay too many people who have become pretty much 100% dependent on social media. Businesses built around a YouTube channel. Or a Facebook page. Or Twitter, whatever. These individuals found something that works and don’t care about anything else. Maybe they’re talented at making videos and their YouTube channel is doing well. Perhaps […]

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casino on steroids is the first casino platform built around crypto coins. You convert your cash into cashbet crypto coins at 0.5 USD each and play your favourite casino games. Winnings are then converted back from the crypto-coin into cash instantly, in a similar manner to casino chips in the real world because there […]

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DomainingTips + NamePros Partnership, New Twitter Account & TLC :)

Well, it seems DomainingTips is once again receiving some much-needed TLC! Graham and I are trying to slowly get back to posting more frequently, we’ve partnered up with NamePros to bring you the NameProsDaily posts and I have to say, Eric from NamePros is one of the hardest workers I’ve come across! Really excited about […]

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We are doomed. The end is nigh…..Doomed Domainers

Domainers are doomed Since NamesCon 2018 the blogs and Namepros have been a washed with negative comments about the state of the industry. China crash, nGTLDs, poor auction results, Crypto coins sucking in dollars. A general malaise of depression. I am much more optimistic because the underlying values are stronger than ever. Let’s take China […]

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The Path to Maturity

First of all, Happy 2018! 🙂 I’ve been pretty much MIA domain blogging-wise as of the end of September and do have to say, I’ve missed you guys! In 2018, I’ll do my best to articulate some thoughts once per month or so because despite domain blogging not being a stellar deal when it comes […]

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Publishing Another Book Soon(ish), Need Some Help :)

Hey guys, My new book is *almost* ready for the spotlight! However, I do want it to go through at least another round of editing and in the meantime, some feedback/opinions from you guys would be nice. If you’d like a free copy, simply write a comment (and I’ll send an email to the email […]

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