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August 24, 2019 10:09

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How Did I Get Here? Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy.

I receive a hard copy of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine on a weekly basis, and regularly enjoy scanning the “How Did I Get Here?” one-pager at the back of each issue. The column features executives from a variety of industries, and typically takes a quick look back at their education and work experience which helped them […]

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Video: SEO Guru Rand Fishkin on Selecting a Domain Name: “Bias to .com”, Keywords, Brandability, More

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz has a massive following in the world of SEO and online marketing, so when he puts together a video with his current thoughts on selecting domain names, it’s worth taking notice. Many of his eight rules (listed below) are things often discussed in the world of domaining, but it’s helpful to […]

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Matt Mickiewicz Discusses Buying the Domain for “About” $125,000 is a job marketplace established in 2012 which has raised over $70 million in funding. It’s yet another startup for co-founder Matt Mickiewicz, who was also involved with creating companies such as SitePoint, 99designs, and Flippa. The company was started as, a domain which they acquired for $1,600, but the team ultimately decided […]

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Thank you for responding Joe Styler. Here’s my response.

Joe Styler from Godaddy responded to my post from yesterday. “We did have an issue yesterday where the domain registration path was impacted briefly. It probably doesn’t look like it to a casual observer but we are always releasing new changes to the site to improve performance and user experience as well as releasing new […]

Read more Email “Will be back soon” ,Down for Requirements of the Government

I just received this email from two minutes ago.  I talked to a customer service rep 2 weeks ago and she had almost flawless English. This looks like it was computer generated.  The email does make reference to “requirements of the government” and “modifying the entity” Whatever the hell that means.   “Dear Clients, […]

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Podcast with Monte Cahn & Michael Berkens Discussing the NamesCon/ROTD Domain Auction

I caught up on a few podcasts on my drive to the mountains this weekend, and the recent Domain Masters discussion with Michael Berkens and Monte Cahn of Right of the Dot is worth a listen. While the bulk of the conversation with hosts Jonathan Tenenbaum and Scott Pruitt of NameJet was understandably focused around […]

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Auction Recap 6th of December, Evening Edition

Results from Shane’s Auction Picks December 06, 2015 Auction Quick Overview  Yesterday’s 4L Chip sales only 2 reported, 2,358 USD 2015-12-05, 2,131 USD 2015-12-05   Long Day, Here’s what happened.   Had no idea a was worth this much 1,255 USD Neither did I, it does look nice with all those 5’s  But […]

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Auction Recap, 5th of December

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks on this Friday, the 5th of December Yesterdays 4L Chip average was $3,404.54 if you include and $2,438.33 without it Auction Recap Quick Overview At Auction  Before the world was introduced to the drama and wonder of Storage Unit auctions through reality television, a couple friends and I […]

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Auction Recap 4th of December

Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, For the 4th of December Yesterdays 4L Chip average was $2,040.64 Recap Quick Reference Table   Going through the drop list these days takes a lot longer than it used to. Even if I have no intention of backordering anything, I like to see what’s hot and what’s getting picked up. […]

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Flippa Updates Their Bidding Certification Requirements

On Thursday, Flippa announced an update to their bidding certification requirements, with premium certification now required for bids over $5,000. Flippa has had its share of completed auctions which ultimately didn’t close due to non-paying bidders, but they continue to make strides to ensure the security and integrity of its marketplace The full announcement is […]

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