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June 17, 2019 09:47

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Day Traders: This Could Be Bitcoin’s Moment of Truth (Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain)

The volatility of bitcoin turns the people who own it into addicts. At any given moment, it’s up $100 or down a thousand. When it’s up, you think you’re brilliant, that you somehow had something to do with it. And when it’s down, the world is about to implode. Most people don’t day trade bitcoin, […]

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The Colombian government plans to block online gambling sites and domains

The government of Colombia is about to introduce a black list of international gambling sites, making them unavailable to its citizens. That means, no access to betting, poker and other such gambling activities that take money out of the country, and more money – allegedly – will be used to gamble in state-owned establishments. Colombia’s […]

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Countdown to NamesCon Part 3: Let’s play a game – Name that Domain Gambler

NamesCon is now just a day away and Domain Investors from around the world are already descending on Las Vegas. My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon so I’ll be getting in with the rest of the Saturday night crew. This of course likely means that some gambling will take place before the conference starts and I […]

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More “188” domains grabbed via UDRP

Yet another UDRP over domains that begin with the not-so-lucky number “188” has been decided at the WIPO. Following on a batch of six digit numeric .com domains in April, and one UDRP in February for the same type of number, the new case involved the following domain names:,,,,,, […]

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7X Bigger Than Las Vegas In Gambling Revenue, Hits The Market

Earlier this month we learned that sold back in 2005 for what could be up to $90 Million Dollars. In August the sale of was announced to a public company in a deal that could be worth $38 million dollars. In both instances, Vegas has consistently set the record valuation marks as the most valuable destination-specific website […]

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LIVING THE DREAM; 10 Inspirational Freedom Quotes

PLUS: Pot shops buzz, crime eases as Colorado law marks 6 months; Turn Around: Jobs Being Lost. And Jobs Being Saved! Focus On Health Rather Than Disease; Where Are the Peers? ‘What Is Your Biggest Weakness? Alibaba now runs the fourth-largest money-market fund (Good news for Yahoo shareholders).. and.. The Relationship Between Social Media and Your […]

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