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April 2, 2020 15:48

You are browsing the archive for funding. domain name platform raises series A funding

Company will use money to accelerate platform roadmap. has raised a series A financing. Domain name sales platform has raised a multi-million-dollar Series A round backed by Airbridge Equity Partners. The company did not disclose the exact amount of the investment. Airbridge will be a minority owner after the investment. founder Reza […]

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.tech gTLD startups “raise $2 billion”

Tech startups using domain names in the .tech gTLD have raised $2 billion in venture capital financing over the last two years, according to Radix. The registry looked at startups listed on Crunchbase as of June and found 650 companies using .tech domains. Of these, 170 of them had raised $2 billion in funding. About […]

Read more raises $16M Series A Round led by Redpoint

This morning Redpoint, a $3.96B VC firm based in Menlo Park announced their investment in, a startup innovating in the speech recognition space. As the AI space has been heating up, AI startups have been turning to the .AI domain extension and Chorus is another great example of a startup that has raised over $22M […]

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Is it really cheaper to build a startup now? The data shows it’s actually more expensive than ever before

I’m sure you’ve all heard the same mantra over the last few years – “it’s far cheaper to build a startup now than it was ten years ago.” Usually when someone says this they’re referring to the massive decrease in hosting and development costs which without a doubt are a lot cheaper than they were […]

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Think all software companies are selling for billions of dollars now? Think again

While most VC’s will tell you that they want to focus on startup shooting for the moon and selling for $1B+, the data shows that even selling for $100M is not the norm. In fact, over the last few years the median acquisition price of a software startup has declined from $80M in 2014 down […]

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For some investors 70% of their decision is based on the team – here’s why

As the founder of a venture-backed startup I tend to read a lot of blogs by other founders, often far ahead of where I am now, and investors, who invest in companies like ours. One of my long-time favorite blogs that has been a daily read of mine for a long time now is Mark […]

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Silicon Valley is still #1 but New York just beat Boston as the #2 city for startups

We all know that Silicon Valley is the undisputed king of the hill when it comes to startup funding but a new study just dubbed New York #2 now ahead of Boston which is seeing a small decline. Of course, New York and Silicon Valley may be the top hubs in the US according to the […]

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Series A Saturday: FLEXE raises $14.5M Series A led by Redpoint Ventures

This week FLEXE announced a $14.5M Series A round led by Menlo Park-based Redpoint Ventures. If you haven’t heard of FLEXE don’t feel bad, you probably just haven’t been in need of warehouse space. Founded just three years ago, FLEXE helps find extra space in warehouses for companies looking for warehouse space. “The goal for Flexe is […]

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3 types of people not to take fundraising advice from

When we were first starting Fashion Metric we found that just about everyone on the planet wanted to give us fundraising advice. I can still remember being at Cross Campus in Santa Monica after a VC talk and a guy came up to us, “if you guys want to land a VC like that, we […]

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Series A Saturday: Revolut raises $18.2M Series A

In 2015 the average size of a Series A round in the UK was $7.3M which makes the $18.2M A Round that Revolut just raised a real monster.  Like so many startups this didn’t happen overnight. Revolut raised two Seed Rounds, one in 2015 and a second earlier this year. The two Seed round approach vs. going […]

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