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October 23, 2019 00:34

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Domainers flock to #Mykonos celebrating Frank Schilling’s birthday in #Greece

It’s Frank Schilling’s birthday today, and the Uniregistry founder is turning 49 years old. As a tribute to Frank’s final year in his 40s, domain industry icons are flocking to the Greek island of Mykonos, for a domainer party unlike no other. Some of the attendees include Ammar Kubba and his lovely wife, Jay Westerdal, […]

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Frank Schilling’s birthday video turns viral

Frank Schilling‘s birthday is celebrated by Google, that knows “when is Frank Schilling’s birthday“. Such a special day for the founder of Uniregistry demands a display of adoration from the Uniregistry employees. A birthday video was thus put together, and all the Uniregistry employees took turns wishing Frank Schilling a happy birthday, in a fun […]

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Frank Schilling turns 45 and Google knows it!

You know you are an important person, when you type your name in Google adding “birthday” and you get the correct date. Frank Schilling turned 45 yesterday, and here is the Google search screenshot below to prove just that. Tweeting on his own birthday, Frank posted a picture of himself aged 25, and a selfie […]

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