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October 19, 2019 00:14

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China’s Newest Investment Craze Is Short Domain Names; The Uber-Ization Of Retail

CIA-backed start-up is taking over Palo Alto; No One is Making a Bad Camera, You’re Just a Bad Photographer; Ready for El Niño? Here’s what many homeowners don’t know about flood insurance (there’s a difference between damage from falling water vs. rising water); 7 new features coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3 […]

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Media Mogul Blows $1 Million on Typos & SIRI’s Alter Egos Sell Pills Unneeded In The Hundreds of Millions— You Have To Hear To Believe

Susan C. Bennet, the voice actress that plays SIRI also is the voice of depression (Ambilify) flood insurance (HUD), Pizza (Get The Door It’s Papa Johns) and Delta Atlanta terminals messages (“please stand clear of the moving platform” and baggage now arriving from Boston 311C may be claimed on Carousel #5), and the voice of […]

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