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September 23, 2019 00:34

You are browsing the archive for Flippa. closes at $140,001 on Flippa closed at $140,001 on Flippa. Domain only auction and will be the 4th largest domain sale on Flippa for 2018. Sales data courtesy of Namebio 300,001 USD 2018-08-15 Flippa 220,000 USD 2018-09-12 Flippa 160,000 USD 2018-02-27 Flippa Here is a look at the last 10 2 character .com sales. 140,001 […]

Read more with 2million monthly visitors on auction at Flippa (no reserve) is up on auction at Flippa and is currently at $201,000. This is a no reserve auction and is also a real business built on a premium domain name. Where do you think it closes? almost 2M monthly visitors, Translation website with ~2M monthly visitors generating $469k annual revenue Premium domain and […]

Read more sells for $20,000 more than it did in 2014 has been reported sold by Flippa and hit Namebio tonight. The name was purchased on Sedo back in 2014 for $200,002. The name now has been listed as sold for $220,000. A recent snapshot shows the site with an ask of $250,000 Now when you look at the name in Google there is an […]

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#DomainPost .com : Nice gem of a #domain sold at #Flippa

Who says you cannot buy great domains at a bargain price?, a domain registered in 1999, was originally advertised on DNForum by its owner. Listed at the external auctions section, the aged domain was being auctioned on Flippa. The domain is great for blogging, a forum, or a domain news agreggator service. Seventy-five bids […]

Read more sells for $30,000 on Flippa has been auctioned a few times on Flippa, 127 days it ended unsold and 155 days ago it ended unsold. On Friday the domain sold for $30,000 as the buy it now was hit. Congrats to the seller of the 21 year old name. I am interested to see if it was a domain […]

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It’s tough to run a marketplace or auction platform and be 100% clean on trademarks. But you cannot send an email blast and make a blatant trademark an editor’s choice. Sir Drago on Namepros posted the following: So I received an interesting email today from Flippa, Its weekly website auction advertising. Something immediately caught my […]

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Morgan’s Flippa Five: Websites and Apps that caught my eye this week

Hello, happy Thursday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. This week I am highlighting five websites/apps on Flippa that caught my eye. I’m particularly excited about the first site on my list which is actually a SaaS software product that is built and already generating revenue. Enjoy my top five picks below and as always […]

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Flippa domains : It’s time to buy

Pizza is one of the world’s staple foods, and there’s a pizza for everyone. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, getting a pizza custom made to your exact flavor preference is not rocket science. Coincidentally, the domain is now available to eat acquire on Flippa, and yes – it’s a one […]

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No love for at Flippa, as #covfefe steam dissipates

The Flippa auction for the viral domain ended after 13 bids, and a high bid of $4,550 dollars. Unfortunately, that was below the domain’s reserve price, and wasn’t sold. Stemming from a jumbled up tweet by Donald Trump, “covfefe” became a viral meme of sorts, leading to thousands of “covfefe domains” getting registered. […]

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Flippa auctions the ultimate “F-Word” Trump domain!

Domain auction platform, Flippa, is currently auctioning a fun “F-Word” domain related to US President, Donald Trump. In fact, it’s the ultimate such domain, With just two days left until the end of the auction, this 2011 registration is listed at $2,000 dollars currently, with eight bids. The auction for has a reserve, […]

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