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June 17, 2019 08:35

You are browsing the archive for Flippa auctions. domain UDRP : Bayer trademark is alive and well in Germany

If you think that “aspirin” is a generic word, devoid of any trademark protection, think again. The poster boy for trademark death by genericide, aspirin isn’t a registered trademark in the US – at least, not on its own. In Germany, however, that’s another story. Aspirin has been a registered trademark since 1999, although the […]

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Fun with Flippa : 9 types of commentators on Ali Zandi’s domain auction

A while back we urged Flippa to disallow comments in domain auctions, unless they are left by actual bidders on the auction. Whether one leaves a positive comment, or a negative comment, domain sales deserve to be devoid of such unrelated noise. Comments can vary from “Cool domain bro!” to “Pfffff…your domain isn’t better than […]

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Flippa : Get ready for some auction rule changes, says Kevin Fink

Flippa has received a lot of feedback since revamping its domain, website and app auction marketplace. The Australian company maintains a close relationship with its users, and even its loudest critics. It was one of these criticizing threads over at NamePros that sent fumes about certain rules that aren’t working for many domain sellers or […]

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There’s an extra reason why domain marketplaces, such as Sedo, NameJet, GoDaddy Auctions, Afternic and Flippa do well with domain sales: buyer spontaneity. A buyer spending less than 60 seconds to decide on whether to buy a particular domain, make an offer or participate by bidding in an auction, is a spontaneous domain buyer. Such […]

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How to get a Stolen .com domain legally

There’s nothing worse than realizing a domain name in your possession has been stolen from someone else. Many domainers acquired domain assets that turned out to be stolen, eventually. Sometimes, they did so in full knowledge of the fact that the domains – being sold at surprisingly low prices – were the products of domain […]

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Most ridiculous domain auction ever on Flippa ?

One of the reasons Flippa is successful as a domain auction venue, is the wide range of domains, web sites and apps being auctioned. Still, there have been questionable auctions in the past. Anyone remember the auction? 😀 At least, there was a humorous aspect in that one, along with proof of established revenue. […]

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Flippa and domain super sellers : Kevin Fink dispels rumors, addresses the future

A fire-hot thread at NamePros created last week by Shane Bellone, former “super seller” at Flippa, generated dozens of comments addressing current issues. The exchange became heated at times, and became difficult to identify which issues are real and which were mere assumptions. Kevin Fink, director of domains at Flippa, responded to a barrage of […]

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Domain shocker : No wankers on Flippa?

The fine art of wanking is a British euphemism for the manual massaging of one’s own male apparatus. Lots of domainer activity on Flippa recently, and surely one would expect dozens of bids on a particular domain auction. The domain in question,, attracted a total of 10 bids with a closing price of $3,650 […]

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Hot potato : Spud domain service reaches five figures at Flippa

The Internet, apparently, is not meant for just watching cat videos. These days, people will actually pay for a potato delivery, inscribed with a personalized message. PotatoParcel, a potato-by-mail prank service and its assorted domain,, made several thousand dollars during its debut months, all thanks to going viral on several media networks. Mailing a […]

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Flippa : How much will sell for ?

One of the most controversial domain names to be made available over a third party auction venue, is Currently at Flippa with a day to go, the dreadful “C-word” domain has reached $2,150 with 110 bids. Wow. Actually, those automatic bids were made by three bidders in total, two of which are currently suspended. […]

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